Trump Posts His Largest Ever Lead in History of New York Times Polling, Paper Admits Dementia Joe ‘Very Unpopular’

The prospect of Donald Trump making a triumphant return to the White House is looking seemingly more likely by the day.

According to the latest poll by The New York Times, Trump is leading Biden by five points nationally, the largest lead he has ever held in a Times poll since first running for office in 2015.

The Times notes:

Let’s just say it: Joe Biden should be expected to win this election. He’s an incumbent president running for re-election with a reasonably healthy economy against an unpopular opponent accused of multiple federal crimes.

And yet President Biden is not winning, at least not now. Polls show him trailing in states worth well over 270 electoral votes, and this morning he lags Donald J. Trump in our newest New York Times/Siena College national poll by five percentage points among registered voters, 48 percent to 43 percent.

That’s the largest lead Mr. Trump has ever had in a Times/Siena national poll. In fact, it’s the largest lead Mr. Trump has held in a Times/Siena or Times/CBS poll since first running for president in 2015.

The far-left rag attempted to rationalize its findings by pointing to various possible explanations, including Biden’s age, the conflict in the Middle East and high levels of inflation.

However, the paper does admit the brutal truth that Biden is “very unpopular”:

President Biden’s unpopularity has flipped the expected dynamic of this election. It has turned what looked like a seemingly predictable rematch into a race with no resemblance to the 2020 election, when Mr. Biden was a broadly appealing candidate who was acceptable to the ideologically diverse group of voters who disapproved of Mr. Trump.

Having already wrapped up the Republican nomination, Trump’s polling lead should give supporters serious hope for a victory in November, even with the widely documented prevalence of voter fraud that tainted the 2020 presidential election.

According to the latest RealClearPolling average, Trump holds a two point national lead over Biden, while also holding significant leads in a number of key state such as Arizona, Georgia and Michigan.

However, Trump has repeatedly warned that Republicans will need a landslide victory in November to overcome the margin of fraud.

“Republicans must WIN,” he wrote on Truth Social on Saturday. “We want a landslide that is TOO BIG TO RIG!”

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