Conservative Champion Javier Milei Makes Most Watched Presidential Speech in Argentine History, Proposes 10-Point Pact To Save the Country

As it was widely expected, the tenure of President of Argentina Javier Milei has been anything but easy. However, as we also expected, he is fighting the good fight and shows no sign of letting down.

Milei went to Congress and made the most watched Presidential speech in Argentine history, with unprecedented 51 rating points.

He vowed to ‘speed up’ his plans to fix the country and solve its economic woes in a fiery speech, challenging them to pass a new package of bills, after an earlier version of his ‘omnibus’ reform was defeated last month.

Milei spoke to lawmakers in a state-of-the-union style address, and used an aggressive tone, inviting Congress to join him – but warning that he would make changes with or without the legislature.

Reuters reported:

“‘We won’t back down, we’re going to keep pushing forward’, Milei said. “Whether that’s by law, presidential decree or by modifying regulations’.”

The libertarian leader is determined to push ahead with his economic reforms and austerity measures.

His policies have boosted markets but have sparked protests by the usual socialist unions.

“Milei’s proposals include slashing government spending on politicians, including benefits such as private jets. He would also cut federally provided perks for politicians convicted of corruption a second time [had the conviction confirmed in an appeals court].”

Milei is at ‘war’ with the political elite whom he paints as the ‘caste’ who enjoy excessive privileges.

The Inflation over 250%, which predates Milei is used by the unions to try to destabilize his government.

“‘If we don’t change the economic model from the very roots, then Argentina has no future’, Milei exclaimed.

He added he would send a bill to penalize anyone – including a president, economy minister or lawmaker – who signed off on financing a fiscal deficit by printing more money.

Milei, pausing frequently amid cheers from his bloc, told Congress that if they opposed him in his bid for change, they would face a ‘different type of animal’.”

La Nación reported:

“We must not deceive ourselves; there is an important sector in political life that does not want to abandon the privileges of the old regime. We saw them in the violent protests outside Congress, in the statements of the union leaders who resist understanding that the era of privilege in Argentina has ended. We also saw it in the resurgence of the harbingers of failure like Sergio Massa, Pablo Moyano, Juan Grabois, and Máximo Kirchner, even with the reappearance of former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who has been responsible for one of the worst governments in history.”

He took a more conciliatory tone as he proposed a 10-point ‘social pact’ to be agreed on May 25.

The ‘May Pact’ will be the core for his administration and the future administrations of the country, being based on 10 points:

Inviolability of private property
Non-negotiable fiscal balance
Reduction of public spending to 25% of GDP
Massive Tax reform with reduction of tax pressure
Re-discuss co-participation
Commitment of the provinces to advance in the exploitation of natural resources
Modern labor reform that promotes formal work
Sustainable pension reform that respects those who contributed (+ private retirement system)
Structural political reform. Align interests of representatives and represented
10. Opening of Argentina to international trade 

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