‘THE TRAITOR FROM TEXAS’: Gun Rights Groups Slam John Cornyn’s Bid For Senate Leader

Firearms groups have slammed Texas Senator John Cornyn’s bid to replace Mitch McConell as Senate Republican leader, describing him as a “traitor” who has repeatedly compromised on gun rights.

In an interview with Fox News, GOA’s Federal Affairs Director Aidan Johnston warned that Cornyn had repeatedly failed to stand up for gun rights:

“Every time gun control gains steam in Congress, Senator John Cornyn is right there working with Democrats on a ‘compromise,’” he explained. “That isn’t conservative leadership, it’s capitulation!”

“In the eyes of gun owners and all those who treasure our liberties, the traitor from Texas’ record makes him wholly unfit to lead Republicans in the Senate.”

The GOA is particularly upset by Cornyn’s sponsorship of the Safer Communities Act alongside Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut back in 2022.

Under the legislation, states are encouraged to adopt risk protection laws, commonly known as “red flag” laws. These laws enable both civilians and law enforcement to seek court orders temporarily restricting an individual’s access to firearms.

Johnston continued:

Sen. Cornyn is responsible for helping pass the so-called Bipartisan Safer Communities Act that, among other things, bribes states to enact ‘red-flag’ gun confiscation laws, creates a national de facto wait period for young adults to buy a gun, and creates a backdoor ATF rule to eliminate the private sale of firearms. These are gross infringements on the Second Amendment. The best thing Senator Cornyn could do for gun rights is join Mitch McConnell in retirement.

Also weighing in was the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR), who described Cornyn as the “most anti-gun Republican in Congress.”

“His sponsorship of ‘Fix NICS’ and proud role in passing the largest gun control bill in decades (Biden’s so-called Bipartisan Safer Communities Act) is repulsive to law-abiding gun owners,” said the organization’s president Dudley Brown.

“When the most anti-gun President in history calls an anti-gun Republican ‘rational’ that should set off alarm bells in every law-abiding gun owners’ head,” he continued.

Cornyn announced his bid for the Senate leadership earlier this week after Mitch McConnell finally announced he would step down after nearly a decade in the role.

“Throughout my time I’ve built a track record of listening to colleagues and seeking consensus, while leading the fight to stop bad policies that are harmful to our nation and the conservative cause,” he declared. “I believe the Senate is broken – that is not news to anyone. The good news is that it can be fixed, and I intend to play a major role in fixing it.”


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