Antisemitism on the Rise: Mirrored Attacks in Zurich and Paris Put Swiss and French Authorities on Alert, Leave Jewish Community on Edge

European recipe for disaster: you allow your country to be flooded by unchecked mass migration – in a large degree coming from poor Muslim countries.

Then, when war breaks out in the Middle East, whatever the stance your government takes, members of your vast Jewish community will still become ‘soft targets’ for terrorists, militants, thugs, and deranged people in general.

In the last few hours, mirrored antisemitic attacks rocked Zurich and Paris reveal the tense situation that Jews live in Europe right now.

Two reports show us the similarities: in Switzerland, a ‘teenager’ has been arrested on suspicion of stabbing and critically wounding an Orthodox Jewish man on the streets of Zurich, Swiss police said Sunday.

Reuters reported:

“Police have stepped up security measures at Jewish sites in Zurich following a serious knife attack on an orthodox Jewish man in the Swiss city overnight, local police said on Sunday.

Police said they had taken action after a 15-year-old Swiss youth was arrested for inflicting ‘life-threatening’ injuries on the 50-year-old Jewish man in central Zurich on Saturday night.

A Zurich police statement said it was not clear what sparked the attack, but that investigations were ‘explicitly including the possibility of a crime motivated by antisemitism’.”

Security was increased in locations with a Jewish connection.

Last month, local Swiss media reported a police investigation into a business in Davos where a sign in Hebrew displayed declared Jews ‘were barred from renting ski gear’.

Police crackdown on pro-Hamas protest: explosive situation.

Meanwhile, in neighboring France, the situation is potentially much worse, as French authorities search for an assailant who attacked a man leaving a synagogue in Paris on Friday evening.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin classified the attack targeting a man in his early 60s as ‘a new antisemitic attack that occurred in Paris’.

Associated Press reported:

“A statement from the Paris public prosecutor’s office said an assailant was seen physically and verbally assaulting a 62-year-old man, wearing a Jewish skullcap, as he was leaving a synagogue Friday at around 5:30 p.m. local time in Paris’s 20th arrondissement.

A witness saw an assailant hit the victim, who fell on the ground and briefly lost consciousness, the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

A witness reported to the police that the assailant shouted an ethnic slur at the man under attack. The victim was transported to a hospital for treatment, the statement said, adding that the perpetrator fled on foot.”

The attack came mere hours after Darmanin ordered police around the country to strengthen protections of Jewish communities around schools and places of worship.

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