“For God’s Sakes, Help Me!” – Elderly Woman on Fixed Income Pleads With Her Colorado City Council to Stop Putting 40,000 Illegal Immigrants With an Estimated Cost of $576 Million Before Residents (VIDEO)

An elderly woman in Lakewood, a suburb in the sanctuary city of Denver, Colorado, and the state’s fifth-largest city, shredded the Lakewood City Council last month in a now-trending video exposing the cost of illegal immigration to Americans across the country.

Multiple other residents spoke out on the illegal immigration crisis, drained resources, increased strain on police and medical services, and language barriers during the public comment section of the meeting and the abandonment of the rule of law in Lakewood, but this woman brought the numbers.

Watch the public comments here under item 14, titled “Public Comment.”

The woman accurately demonstrated how housing and feeding illegal immigrants could cost the city an estimated to $576 MILLION per year, saying, “We are headed for a tsunami.” The woman explained that illegals are also “pushing us out as they cut line” at the food bank, where she is forced to eat on a fixed income due to the Democrats’ inflation, and they’re taking “more food than they’re required to.”

This is what Americans get from the Democrats and their America LAST policies.

CPR News reports,

Dozens of people gathered hours before Lakewood’s city council meeting Monday night, and as the meeting time approached, the chambers and overflow areas were full, with people sitting all the way up the staircase going up to the second floor of the city administration building.

It was an unusual scene at city council but it was an example of something becoming more common in Colorado’s cities. Along the Front Range, some residents see Denver spending large sums of money in order to support new immigrants, and are increasingly voicing concerns the same will happen in their cities. In El Paso County, commissioners declared the area would not become a “sanctuary,” and in Aurora councilors also heard concerns on the issue Monday night.

Denver has helped 38,505 new immigrants who have arrived since late 2022, spending about $42 million on temporary shelter and other services. Thousands of the new immigrants have chosen to move onto other cities. Some have gone to Aurora, where a coalition of nonprofits has provided services. On Feb. 9, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced temporary cuts to some city services in order to fund the immigration response.

Elon Musk also shared the trending video on his X account.

Similarly, The Gateway Pundit recently reported that residents from Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood gathered recently to complain about a planned migrant facility that is opening soon in their affluent community. The local residents complained to city officials, “So we have no say?” After the plans were announced for the shelter in their area.

When these elites approved of Boston’s sanctuary city status, they must not have known what they were asking for!

Meanwhile, Seattle residents and illegals in Seattle are calling for more housing for illegals at residents’ expense.

The Gateway Pundit reported that illegal immigrants and leftwing activists stormed a Seattle City Council meeting last Wednesday, angrily demanding free housing for illegals and calling to defund the police.

WATCH: Leftist Activists and Illegals Storm Seattle City Council Meeting Demanding MORE Free Housing, Chanting “No More Money for The Police,” “We Need Housing Now” and “Shame on You” – Taxpayers Already Funding Hotels for Illegals

Conservatives need to evacuate these cities.

This woman from Colorado knows exactly what is going on and exactly what it’s costing her and her fellow residents.

Watch below:

I’m here to speak on behalf of the poor, the elderly, who are struggling because of the issues that you deal with and how you deal with them. So, we’re talking about a thing that’s going to navigate people. I took a look at some figures, and I figured some people here ought to hear them. If we look at Denver with 40,000 immigrants, and we think that they cost $1,000 a month for housing, it’s going to be $480 million for one year. That’s just at $1,000 and I don’t think you can get housing for that. If you feed those people, 40,000, at $200 a month per person–I don’t think that’s possible today if any of you have gone to the grocery store–that’s $96 million in a year. We are headed for a tsunami. I don’t think you know what you’re heading. The total of that: $576 million. Your budget, if I am correct, and I Googled it, I might be wrong, is only $72 million. I ask you how you think you’re going to afford it. Now, I’m not sure I’m correct on all those numbers, but they’re pretty close.

Now, personally, I live on a budget of $30,000. My husband was a schoolteacher, and I worked for Jefferson County, and I had a disability and we had to quit. We had our advisors, and they assured us that we were going to have enough money to survive. Well, I’ll tell you how I survive on $30,000. You have done such wonderful work with your housing that you have caused my taxes to go up to $4,000. I’m getting really close. $3,000 for insurance, $3,000 for my car, $10,000 extra; I take that out and I live on $20,000. Now, I have to go to get clothing from the Goodwill. Now I’m so poor, I have to repair the clothing.

I go to the food bank and I’ll tell you what I see; I see immigrants coming in, shosseling and pushing us out as they cut line, take more food than they’re required to do, and our poor staff that deals with those things are out of their ever-loving mind trying to figure out how they’re going to handle it. Yeah. You ask how I’m coping? For God’s sakes, help me. 

This Elderly Women On A FIXED Budget Hammers City Council Over The Illegal Migrants Flooding The City:

“I’m here to speak on behalf of the poor, the elderly, who are struggling because of the issues you deal with and how you deal with them”

“If we look at Denver 40,000… pic.twitter.com/i5fOFWMqui

— Wall Street Silver (@WallStreetSilv) March 2, 2024

Elon Musk also shared the video from Wall Street Silver, clearly with no caption needed:


— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 3, 2024

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