From Childhood Dream to Lifelong Passion: Laken Riley’s Teacher Recalls Her Early Ambitions to Become a Nurse But Cut Short Thanks to Joe Biden

Laken Hope Riley with her teacher, GinaAnn Carlton Riggs (Facebook)

The aspirations of a young woman, who from the tender age of six, yearned to be a nurse, have been tragically cut short. Laken Hope Riley’s vibrant life was abruptly ended due to the devastating consequence of failed immigration policies under the Biden regime.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that 22-year-old Laken Hope Riley was found “not breathing” and with “visible injuries” in a forested area near Lake Herrick, which is located on the University of Georgia (UGA) campus in Athens, around 12:38 p.m. Thursday.

Riley was a student at UGA before transferring to the nursing program at Augusta University’s Athens Campus after the spring 2023 semester, according to UGA’s student newspaper, The Red & Black.

The UGA Police Department arrested and identified Jose Antonio Ibarra as the individual responsible for the slaying. UGA Police Chief Jeffrey L. Clark announced during a news briefing Friday evening that Ibarra has been charged with malice murder, felony murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, kidnapping, hindering a 911 call, and concealing the death of another.

Clark went on to say he believed the attack was a “crime of opportunity” and that the suspected killer had no known connection to the victim.

Clark noted Ibarra was not a U.S. citizen but could not say whether he was in the U.S. illegally. Ibarra was living in an apartment in Athens at the time of the murder.

Laken Riley and his killer, Jose Antonio Ibarra (Facebook/Clarke County Sheriff’s Office)

Ali Bradley of NewsNation later revealed that Ibarra did enter America illegally from Venezuela, thanks to Biden. She discovered Customs and Border Protection documents showing he crossed into El Paso, Texas in September 2022 and was released due to lack of detention space.

Bradley also revealed Jose Antonio Ibarra was arrested five months ago in New York. According to records, he was detained on 9/14/23 in Queens for injury to a child less than 17 and no license.

An illegal alien harmed a child and was allowed to walk free!

Riley was a stellar scholar who had previously made the Dean’s list and was active in church along with her sorority. She was also a dedicated athlete, having run the Athens, Georgia Half-Marathon in October.

GinaAnn Carlton Riggs, Laken’s former teacher, shared a touching message on her Facebook, reflecting on Laken’s unwavering childhood dream to enter the nursing profession. Riggs recounted the book publishing activity from Laken’s first-grade year, showcasing her early commitment to helping others and her simple, yet profound aspirations for her future.

“Every year I had my first graders publish a book. Each student wrote about their future plans. Laken knew from the time she was six years old that she wanted to be a nurse. She SHOULD have been able to be a nurse,” Riggs wrote on her Facebook account.

The activity, titled “When I grow up,” was a chance for children to envision their futures, and Laken’s contribution was both endearing and profound.

“When I grow up I want to be a nurse because it helps people get better and it looks very fun to help people. For working I would want to get $10,0000. I will not be married. I will stay with my family until I die. I woud like to live in Florida. Florida is lots of fun and the ocean and pod is there,” Laken wrote.

GinaAnn Carlton Riggs/Facebook

But this dream was cut short thanks to Joe Biden and the radical Democrats.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday morning.

Host Margaret Brennen had asked Secretary Mayorkas if the illegal alien who killed Laken Riley should have been deported. He never answered, but instead deflected the question.

Biden won’t say Laken Riley’s name, either.

The mother of the murdered 22-year-old Laken Riley posted a heartbreaking tribute to her daughter this weekend, celebrating her life but also admitting that her death was an “avoidable tragedy.”

Posting on her Facebook profile, Riley’s mother Allyson Phillips said the love of God was helping her through this “heartbreaking” period:

As I sat down to write this message, I really just have no words. My family has faced the most devastating, unimaginable loss that anyone could ever be force to endure. I would like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for being with me and my family during this heartbreaking time. I encourage everyone to have a personal relationship with Jesus. I give Him all the glory for getting us through this.

Phillips went on to thank all those who have shown their love and support:

We are beyond grateful for everyone who has stepped up to be here for us through this difficult time. The outpouring of love has been so enormous – that I felt this was the best way to thank you all in a timely manner. I hope that each and every one of you know how much we love you and appreciate all you have done. We have no words to possibly express our heart felt gratitude.

Please know that every act of kindness has warmed our hearts and brought us joy during our worst nightmare. We appreciate all of the time, effort and prayers that our family, friends and community have showered us with to help ease our pain. We love you all and hope that you feel from the bottom of our hearts how much every single thing that has been done for us has meant. I love you all. Please continue to pray for our family as we put one foot in front of the other moving forward.

The family has also set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of Laken’s memorial and also “establish a scholarship in her name, raise homicide awareness, or any other opportunity the family could use it for during this difficult time.”

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