MI Lawmakers Send Brutal Letter to FBI Director Wray Demanding Answers on 2020 GBI Strategies Investigation: “This Looks Like a Whitewash, and it Looks Like it’s Selective Enforcement of the Laws”

On August 2023, Phil O’Halloran, one of Michigan’s top election integrity investigators with the MIGOP, shared an incredible Michigan State Police report with me. The 68-page report, which addressed a statewide voter registration fraud investigation in Michigan that began on October 8, 2020 (only one month before the general election), was so stunning that I read it several times to be sure it was legitimate.

As I read through the stunning report that was FOIA’d by a local citizen, Chris Caijula, I had so many questions, most of which I suspected would never be answered.

Unfortunately, in Michigan, the Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and the Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel are too busy punishing their political enemies or trying to convince citizens of Michigan that, despite mounds of evidence to the contrary, Michigan’s 2020 election was the most secure in history, and voters should definitely trust the SOS who broke the law in 2020 and told her clerks to ignore the signature matching process on absentee ballots.

MI Democrat SOS Jocelyn Benson and MI Democrat AG Dana Nessel

The Michigan State Police report outlines how Muskegon, MI, City Clerk Ann Meisch contacted the Muskegon Police Department after she received between 8,000 and 10,000 completed voter registration applications at the city clerk’s office.

From the MI State Police report:

Meisch estimated that [redacted] delivered 8,000-10,000 voter registration forms to the Muskegon City Clerk’s office. Meisch turned over 42 suspected fraudulent applications to Officer Foster for examination.

On 10/20/20 (deadline day for in-person voter registration applications) returned to the Muskegon City Clerk’s office to deliver additional registration forms in person. Meisch estimated that [redacted] brought an additional 2500 forms.

Later in the report, the redacted name of the woman who delivered the false registrations is revealed. GBI Strategies, aka “Empower Michigan,” is also revealed as the company that employed the woman who turned in potentially thousands of false registrations to the Muskegon clerk’s office.

On a private Facebook page used by MI clerks to communicate with each other, Meisch shared a photo of a box of false registrations she received from “EM” or “Empower Michigan” that was mailed from the Staybridge hotel in Auburn Hills, MI, which is located on the other side of the state.

Multiple clerks responded to Meisch’s Facebook page, saying they also received boxes filled with false voter registrations from “EM” with the return address of Auburn Hills, MI.

In another post, Ann Meisch told clerks she received another box of what appeared to be false registrations in the mail, “AND a big envelope!”

One of the clerks asked her if they would become “permanent av?” or absentee voters, and Meisch responded, “They are now,” with laughing emojis.

Another clerk admitted that he received “five (5) large bundles” of the same type of registrations.

And yet another clerk said, “I received one for another city, but he was already registered.” She explained that the return address on her box also said ” EM “.”

In the report, MI SOS Jocelyn Benson’s analyst Corey Ames described that a “quantity of the voter registrations” that he examined were ” clearly fraudulent” and that ” a quantity of the voter application forms are highly suspicious.”

It’s worth mentioning that MDOS analyst Corey Ames does not admit how many of the voter registration forms are fraudulent. Why does he leave this important fact out of the police report?

The suspect working for GBI Strategies, who delivered the thousands of registrations to the Muskegon clerk’s office, was mildly interrogated by MI AG Dana Nessel’s investigator, Stephen Morse. The suspect, who is referred to as “Brianna” during the investigation, told the AG investigator that she turned in about 1,000 fraudulent registrations to the Musekgon clerk.


Later in the Michigan State Police report, it’s revealed that the police issued a search warrant for the GBI headquarters in Southfield, MI, where “Brianna” was working before she was called to Muskegon, on the other side of the state. What the police found in their investigation was shocking.

In addition to finding burner phones and pre-paid cards that were used to pay employees of GBI Strategies, they also found partially completed voter registration forms inside the GBI Strategies headquarters. Even more shocking, inside the Democrat Party-funded GBI Strategies room, the police also found “pelican cases in the room with semi-automatic rifles joined with suppressors and optics and customized pistols.” One case had “4 rifles and 4 pistols.”

A handwritten message on a whiteboard in the same room said, “Weapons in the field prepared for shifts.”

Why did GBI Strategies, which was being paid by Democrat Senator Gary Peters and Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, need to have a cache of weapons in their office—especially automatic rifles with silencers?

According to the Michigan State Police report, the AFT cleared the guns.

In response to our bombshell report on the investigation that took place ONE MONTH before the 2020 election,  Dana Nessel told the media that the guns found during the inspection were “incidentally stored in the location by the landlord irrelevant to the business purposes of GBI Strategies.” (EM)

AG Nessel took it one step further and said, “None of the materials seized resulted in furthering evidence of voter fraud.”

“furthering evidence of voter fraud”?

AG Nessel and SOS Benson kept this statewide investigation into potentially massive voter fraud registration hidden from the public. Even more alarming, we have confirmed with several clerks across the state that the police report was hidden from the clerks themselves, who are responsible and obligated to the voters in their district to ensure the elections are not stolen with false registrations that can be turned into fake votes.

Instead of addressing the seriousness of two police reports that outline their investigations into the statewide fraudulent voter registration scheme that began in Muskegon, MI, the top election official and top law-enforcement official HID the report from the public.

FOIA requests for information on the 3-year-old investigation have been denied by the FBI, who took over the investigation from the Michigan State Police and Muskegon Police Departments.

MI Representatives Rachelle Smit (R), a former MI clerk and vice-chair of the House Election Committee,  and Jay DeBoyer (R), who is also a member of the House Election Committee, have formally asked FBI Director Christopher Wray for answers regarding the 2020 GBI Strategies investigation in a letter they submitted on January 24.

Here is the letter in its entirety:

Dear Director Wray,

We would like to discuss the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) ongoing case of alleged voter
fraud in the November 2020 election in Muskegon, Michigan.

Credible news reports have highlighted the disclosed police reports from both the Muskegon Police, and the Michigan State Police. These reports indicate that a coordinated effort by an out- of-state petition-gathering firm, GBI Strategies out of Tennessee, was engaged in, at least, a form of voter registration fraud.

This firm, GBI Strategies, was not registered to do business in Michigan. They lacked a proper “Registered Agent” for purposes of accepting legal service of process. It seems clear from the reports that GBI Strategies was also negligently maintaining firearms in the State of Michigan. The report indicated they were also holding illegal weapons: so-called “NFA Items” that would have resulted in felony charges for any other individual found possessing them without authorization. The firm was also clearly involved in wholesale fraud as it relates to voter registrations, as they turned in, in two separate batches, “8,000-10,000” and 2,500 registrations. This is not just a case of potential identity theft; it is also a case of criminal conspiracy to commit election fraud.

We don’t think it’s a coincidence that these petition sheets were being turned in on October 7th, which is a day where a large number of voter registrations were being processed by the Michigan Secretary of State’s office. These were individuals who were previously registered but were being re-registered. This shows a degree of intent that the fraudulent voter registration applications were being turned in on the one day of the year where they would be least noticed, since there were so many other registrations that day.

This shows intent, and it shows a degree of concealment to dissipate the impact of their voter registrations on the one day of the year that the registrations would be spiking. We believe the FBI office does not want to criminalize innocent conduct, or a single rogue petition circulator, but it seems impossible to justify that 10,000-12,000 fraudulent voter registrations can be turned in without a prosecution.

The Muskegon Police reported to the media that they were told to stand down in this case. It appears this matter has been largely turned over to the FBI. But of course, after years of inaction, it seems quite clear that no prosecution is forthcoming. It would not be unreasonable for the public to consider this a whitewash of clearly illegal conduct.

The detailed and extensive police reports from both the City of Muskegon Police and the Michigan State Police deserve a presentation of the evidence to the public. Silence on this matter is shameful.

These reports have been sitting dormant for three years. According to the Muskegon Police, the FBI stopped by once to review files for 15 minutes and then left, and they have not heard back from your personnel, since. The credibility of the FBI on this matter is very suspect, and the conflict of interest this situation represents, since GBI Strategies was clearly critical to the re- election of statewide Democrat politicians in Michigan, and even national Democrats in Washington, creates another credibility problem as it relates to the delays in this investigation and prosecution. This looks like a whitewash, and it looks like it’s selective enforcement of the laws.

We would also kindly ask you to provide judicial notice in the pending criminal prosecution of the 16 Republican electors that there was, in fact, a pending case and investigation of systemic voter fraud. In that case, Michigan’s Attorney General has repeatedly stated that no election fraud occurred in the 2020 election in Michigan. The FBI certainly knows otherwise.

We look forward to a timely response from your office. This investigation has continued without resolution for over three years, and we’re now headed into another Presidential election. The People of Michigan, like millions of Americans watching what happens in Michigan, want – and
deserve – answers.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your service in Michigan.


Rep. Rachelle Smit and Rep. Jay DeBoyer

We spoke with MI Rep. Rachelle Smit, who thanked us for bringing this important report to the attention of MI voters. According to Rep. Smit, they have not received a response from FBI Director Christopher Wray to their letter sent on January 24, 2024. She is looking forward to a reply and hopes that after over three years, they can get some answers about what happened to the investigation.

Why haven’t there been any prosecutions? Could it be because AG Nessel is too busy using lawfare to punish her political opponents? Why hasn’t SOS Benson addressed this serious situation with her clerks? If Jocelyn Benson really wanted the free and fair elections she’s always bragging about, why wouldn’t she give her clerks a “heads up” so they could be on the lookout for fraudulent registrations that could have been mailed or dropped off at their offices in 2020?

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