“Uncommitted” Movement Hopes to Take Votes from Joe Biden in Several Super Tuesday States Including CO, MN, and WA Over His Support for Israel

Far left activists hope to take thousands of votes from Joe Biden on Super Tuesday for his continued support for Israel in its War on Hamas.

Israel declared war on Hamas following the bloody, barbaric raid into southern Israel on October 7, 2023. Over 1,100 Jews were slaughtered by Hamas killers and another 200 were taken hostage.

At least 300 young people were murdered at a rave party that day after Hamas targeted the event for slaughter.

The far left wants Israel’s counter-attack on Hamas barbarians to end.

The movement is spreading across the country following Biden’s loss to “uncommitted” in Dearborn, Michigan last week.

Minnesota, Colorado, and Washington leftists have launched movement to pull votes from Joe Biden over his support for Israel.

I am a Democrat that is voting “Uncommitted” on Super Tuesday 2024.#VoteUncommitted #SuperTuesday pic.twitter.com/n0hlzPcvUx

— Mr. Mojo Hojo (@MrMojoHojo) March 4, 2024

The Daily Mail reported:

President Joe Biden faces more ‘uncommitted’ challenges in Super Tuesday Democratic primaries, after supporters of Palestine found success last week in the state of Michigan.

The campaign urges Democrats to vote ‘uncommitted’ in the Democratic presidential primary instead of President Joe Biden, in order to protest the administration’s support for the Israeli war in Gaza.

More than 100,000 voters voted uncommitted in Michigan, demonstrating the president’s serious problems with Democrat voters in an important swing state.

The Colorado Palestine Coalition announced a launch the ‘Vote Noncommitted Colorado’ after the Michigan Primary on Tuesday, urging voters to reject Biden because of his support for the war in Gaza.

‘WE SAY NO, TO GENOCIDE JOE!’ the coalition wrote on it’s social media platforms.

The campaign also earned support from the Democratic Socialists of America, who urged members to join the effort.

‘Until this administration ends its support for Israel’s genocide in Gaza and delivers a permanent, lasting ceasefire, Joe Biden will bear the responsibility for another Trump presidency,’ they wrote.

The coalition mobilized a phone campaign, urging Colorado Democrats to vote ‘uncommitted’ in Tuesday’s primary.

Clearly shows where the priorities of our current administration lie #VoteUncommittedhttps://t.co/utDEA3yBqT

— Hammad #CeaseFireNow (@hhashmiPK) March 4, 2024

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