ATTENTION: TEXAS RINO WATCH ALERT… Ken Paxton Tells Texas Voters WHO TO LOOK OUT FOR In Today’s Texas Primary Vote (VIDEO)

Steve Bannon and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton went on today with Steve Bannon on the War Room.

Recall earlier that Ken Paxton was almost driven from office by the Bush-Rove-RINO cabal in Texas. Attorney General Paxton was later acquitted of all 16 articles of impeachment against him.

Texas RINOs, including Bush and Rove allies, wanted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton gone so they made up some accusations against him without evidence in an attempt to impeach him.

Attorney General Ken Paxton is the one man who has stood up against the Democrat-Marxist onslaught in the great state of Texas. Democrats and Secret Sleeper Republicans hate him for this.

On Wednesday AG Ken Paxton told Steve Bannon since his impeachment trial he has been out recruiting strong candidates to replace the dozens of RINOs in office in Texas today.

AG Paxton named three individuals that he wants in office to help Texas stay red.

Attorney General Paxton: It’s important because if we cannot hold on to Texas, the goal here is for the Democrats to have a one party country where they never really have to worry about elections because they have control of enough states. And so taking Texas would do that. And so they have fought to get control of our Texas House with our speaker, Drunk Dade, who literally lets the Democrats elect him, and then they control the agenda, which effectively stops most of our good things from getting through.

Secondly, the Court of Criminal Appeals was taken over by George Flores, a Republican, but they struck down statutes that directed me to prosecute voter fraud. Given that the only other people that can do that are the district attorneys controlled by George Soros in the big counties, we’re in serious trouble. And that’s why I’ve spent the last six months of my life, since the impeachment, on the road, recruiting candidates for the Texas House, for the Texas Senate, and for the court of criminal Appeals.

Steve Bannon: Why is the Bush and Rove apparatus? Why do they hate you personally? And why do they literally hate Trump and MAGA? Why is it, when we’re the political muscle and could deliver them overwhelming victories, why is the biggest enemies we have outside of Soros down in Texas, the Bush hunter?

AG Paxton: Because they don’t agree with us on the issues and they want to retain power so they can’t win at the ballot box. I’ve beaten their candidates in the last two of my attorney general races were against Bush candidates, including George D. Bush. So they can’t win at the ballot box, so they try to go after us legally. And then they use these sort of very sneaky ways of getting control of places like the Texas house where it looks like we’re in charge. The reality is they figured out how, the Democrats figured out how to block vote and control which Republicans are running the show…

…At we’re sending endorsements out. You’ll have to check your local county because there’s so many different voting locations based on where you live. And then, com, we have all of that on my website so you can see who we’re endorsing. And it’s so hard to know, really who to vote for in some of these races because people just don’t know these people. I know them. I’ve watched them. I’m trying to make a difference because it doesn’t matter if I’m suing Biden if we’re losing the state behind my back.

Yeah. So Texas Supreme Court John Devine, he’s an incumbent, but he’s very conservative, and they’re trying to take him out. And then the Court of Criminal Appeals, which is our Supreme Court for criminal matters, is, Gina Parker is a challenger. She’s good. David Schenck is a challenger. He’s good. And Lee Finley is a challenger to the court of criminal appeals. And he’s good. Those are the three to vote for.

** John DeVine in Supreme Court race
** Gina Parker – Court of Criminal Appeals
** David Schenck – Court of Criminal Appeals
** Lee Finley – Court of Criminal Appeals

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