JUST IN: Trump Projected Winner in Oklahoma Republican Primary

President Trump was projected to win the Oklahoma GOP Primary on Tuesday night, shortly after the polls closed.

Koco News reports,

The Associated Press has called Oklahoma’s GOP primary race for the former president. The victory is the latest for Trump during the primary season.

The Super Tuesday victory marks Trump’s second primary win in Oklahoma. He won all 77 counties while running for re-election in 2020 and lost to Ted Cruz during the 2016 Republican primary. In 2016, Trump won 16 counties in Oklahoma.

According to 270 to WIn, Oklahoma’s 43 delegates are awarded as follows:

There are 28 statewide delegates and 15 congressional district delegates (3 per district).
In each case, winner take all where a candidate exceeds 50%.
Otherwise, statewide delegates are proportional to candidates receiving 15% of the vote.
In each district not decided by winner take all, the allocation is based on the number of candidates receiving 15% support.

Trump is on a hot streak, winning all races that have been called.

Going into today, Trump was already destroying Nikki Haley with 273 delegates to her measly 43 delegates. 1,215 of 2,429 total delegates nationwide are needed to win the GOP nomination for President.

Polls closed at 8 pm in Alabama, Maine, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, Arkansas at 8:30 pm, and Colorado, Minnesota, and Texas polls closed at 9 pm ET.

Polls in California and Utah close at 11 pm ET, and finally, Alaska at midnight tonight.

President Trump, expecting major wins tonight, is expected to speak at his campaign’s watch party later tonight as results continue trickling in. Watch live:

WATCH LIVE: Trump Campaign to Host Super Tuesday Election Night Watch Party in Palm Beach, Florida – Starting at 7:30 PM ET

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