Super Tuesday Exit Poll Highlights Top 2024 Issues and Concerns for Republicans and Democrats

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Decision Desk HQ conducted an exit poll on Super Tuesday in order to determine which issues are top concerns for Republicans and Democrats.

The results might not surprise you.

For Republicans, the top issue is the border crisis and unchecked illegal immigration. For Democrats? Not so much.

Jennifer Van Laar of RedState has details:

Super Tuesday Exit Poll: Abortion Is the Top Issue for Dems; Biden Border Crisis Is Top Issue for GOP

An exit poll of Super Tuesday voters conducted by Decision Desk HQ found predictable differences between Democrats and Republicans regarding the issues they are most concerned about in this election.

The poll surveyed absentee, early, and day-of voters. According to the poll:

Democratic voters prioritized abortion with 27% citing it as their top issue; the economy ranked second at 25% and education ranked third at 11%.
Despite significant pundit-class anticipation of progressive voters’ responses to President Biden’s stance on the Israel/Gaza conflict, only 9% of Democratic voters cited foreign policy as their top issue – ranking it #5 overall.
Republican voters prioritized immigration, with 44% citing it as their top issue, followed by the economy at 28%.
Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley continues to perform better than former President Trump among self-identified Independent and Democratic voters.

These findings show that President Biden doesn’t have to walk as fine a line with Hamas supporters as he thought and show the failure of the whole “Uncommitted” movement. As we’ve seen repeatedly, these radicals are loud but not as ubiquitous as they’d like us to think they are.

It’s amazing that Democrats are so focused on abortion while the country is experiencing an invasion, but then again, they are the people behind it.

Naturally, the economy is the second most important issue for both sides and that certainly doesn’t bode well for Biden in November.

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