Tennessee Volunteers Its Support for Trump

Tennessee Volunteers Its Support for Trump

State of the Union: Trump walks away with it in Tennessee.

(Xinhua/Hu Yousong via Getty Images)

Former President Donald Trump has won the Tennessee primary, getting ever closer to the delegates needed to be the Republican party’s nominee.

The race was called by the Associated Press at 8:10 p.m. eastern time—just ten minutes after polls closed. Trump’s advantage at the time of the call was 63 points over former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Trump getting 79.9 percent of the vote to Haley’s 16.8 percent with 3 percent reporting. The New York Times’ predicted margin of victory for Trump is 57 percent.

It’s another predictable win for the former president. The most recent GOP primary poll from the Volunteer State, conducted by Morning Consult in early February, found Trump’s advantage over Haley was 63 points—almost exactly the margin Trump was leading by when the race was called.

As for the Democratic ticket, incumbent President Joe Biden won with 95 percent of the vote.

A 2020 rematch is all but inevitable at this point. Though Tennessee will not be a competitive state come November in the general—Trump carried Tennessee by more than 20 points in both 2016 and 2020—deep red states like Tennessee are good litmus tests for the base’s energy. Come Wednesday morning, it’ll be Tuesday’s turnout that matters more for team Trump than beating Haley as the former president’s campaign looks towards November.

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