81 Million Vote Recipient Joe Biden First Incumbent to Lose a Primary Since Jimmy Carter

Joe Biden, the most popular president in US history, was the first incumbent to lose a primary race in more than 4 decades.

Biden on Tuesday lost the American Samoa Democrat primary to unknown entrepreneur Jason Palmer.

But he totally got 81 million votes.

“This is the message that Joe Biden needs to hear that the American people want to pass the torch to the next generation,” Palmer told ABC News. “And so I thank the people of American Samoa for stepping up to make that statement for the rest of America.”

We’re officially 3+ hours into Super Tuesday results.

Donald Trump is 11 for 11 with wins in AL, AR, CO, ME, MA, MN, NC, OK, TN, TX & VA.

Joe Biden has lost American Samoa to an entrepreneur named Jason Palmer. pic.twitter.com/kJbG13LaX5

— Byron Donalds (@ByronDonalds) March 6, 2024

Biden is the first incumbent to lose a primary since Democrat Jimmy Carter in 1980 and Carter went on to lose to Republican Ronald Reagan in a landslide.

The Washington Times reported:

President Biden experienced a surprising defeat in the Democratic primary of American Samoa, marking the first time an incumbent president has lost a primary since Jimmy Carter in 1980.

The loss in the U.S. territory in the South Pacific came on a night that otherwise saw a series of triumphs for Mr. Biden as he secured primary wins in multiple states across the nation. Both Mr. Biden and former President Donald Trump solidified their status as front-runners to clinch their respective parties’ nominations for the 2024 presidential race.

Mr. Carter was the last incumbent to have faced a similar situation when he lost a primary. In 1980, the Georgian peanut farmer lost 12 contests to Democratic challenger Ted Kennedy but managed to win the overall Democratic nomination. His eventual reelection campaign ended in a heavy loss to Republican contender Ronald Reagan.

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