‘Father of Fake News’ Dan Rather Blasts Reporters’ Neutrality

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‘Enough with Both-sides-ism’

Dan Rather, a veteran network news anchor and reporter, watched his long career essentially evaporate a good number of years ago in “Rathergate,” when he used forged documents in his reporting that criticized then-President George W. Bush.

He had not only used the fakes, earning from some the title of “father of fake news,” but also vigorously defended them when their origins came under suspicion.

Rather was removed from his position and then became a reporter online.

Now he’s insisting that reporters abandon any pretense of neutrality, insisting that they challenge President Donald Trump’s statements immediately and publicly.

The Washington Examiner reports Rather is demanding “reporters blast” Trump whenever he makes a statement that can be questioned, “though not Democrats.”

“Enough with Both-sides-ism,” he wrote on X. “If Trump says the sky is green, the story isn’t that the sky is now green; the story is that the sky is still blue and Trump got it wrong.”

If I may, there’s something I need to get off my chest.

As democracy remains under siege, it has been frustrating to watch how the press covers politics these days.

I am reminded by lessons that came to me during the Nixon years as a CBS News correspondent, which I’ll add here:…

— Dan Rather (@DanRather) March 5, 2024

He claims that democracy “remains under siege” and he’s “frustrated” by the coverage of politics.

“When one side lies intentionally and repeatedly, they are no longer entitled to the benefit of the doubt. They should be held to account, right away. Do not simply repeat the narratives they spew,” he demanded.

That should be done through “Live Fact-Checking,” he said.

Further, he wants reporters to “push” lawmakers to “go on the record that Biden won the 2020 election.”

In fact, that election was subject to at least two major outside influence operations that never before had impacted an American election. First was Mark Zuckerberg’s outlandish decision to hand out $400 million plus to elections officials who often used it to recruit Biden supporters. Then was the FBI’s decision to interfere by telling media corporations to suppress scandalous details about Biden family business operations revealed in a laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden. A subsequent polling showed had those details routinely been reported, Biden almost certainly would have lost the election.

And, he demanded, “Ask if they support the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.”

The Examiner report said, “In his online rant, Rather did not mention any Democrat, including President Joe Biden, who repeatedly tells inaccurate or wrong stories, even about his personal life.”

The report noted, “It is unclear what sparked the rant, though it came after the Supreme Court voted 9-0 to guarantee that Trump’s name be put on every state primary ballot.”

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