New Film ‘Hollywood Takeover’ Red Carpet Premiere and Panel Discussion on Wednesday, March 6

‘Hollywood Takeover: China’s Control in the Film Industry’ pulls back the curtain on how Hollywood is helping to further a global adversary’s agenda.

The groundbreaking new film “Hollywood Takeover: China’s Control in the Film Industry” an NTD Original Documentary, pulls back the curtain on how Hollywood is helping to further a global adversary’s agenda, the consequences that will have on the future, and what brave individuals are doing to change the tide.

In an effort to raise awareness during Academy Awards week, EpochTV will be holding a red carpet film premiere and panel discussion for Hollywood Takeover” in Los Angeles this Wednesday, March 6, starting at 5:30 p.m. PT. The event will begin at 5:30 p.m. PT with the red carpet, followed by the movie screening at 7:00 p.m. PT and a panel discussion at 8:15 p.m. PT.

The movie stars Kevin Sorbo, Sam Sorbo, film host and producer and host of NTD’s “China in Focus” Tiffany Meier, and more.

The post-screening panel discussion will be hosted by Tiffany Meier and include panelists: Kevin Sorbo, actor; Chris Fenton, film executive; Jason Jones, film producer; Steve Yates, former national security adviser; Casey Fleming, CEO of BlackOps Partners; and Christian Toto, film critic. The panelists will have a chance to debrief the film and answer questions from the media.

To RSVP to the March 6 red carpet and film premiere event in Los Angeles, please contact Hamilton Strategies,,, The dress code is business attire.

Hollywood Takeoverfollows Chris Fenton, a former Hollywood executive, and Tiffany Meier, film host and producer and host of NTD’s “China in Focus,” through their journey of discovering a must-tell story behind Hollywood and China’s lucrative union, which didn’t happen by accident.

Film director and writer Penny Zhou says: “‘Hollywood Takeover’ shows that behind it all is the CCP’s hand — using China’s massive and lucrative box office to manipulate major Hollywood studios to make drastic changes to their stories — all with the goal of swaying American public opinion about China. This documentary points out why movies can be just as effective, if not more so, than spies and aircraft carriers in a global war today.” 

Film host, producer, and host of NTD’s “China in Focus,” Tiffany Meier, shows how China’s control of Hollywood is only part of the CCP’s information war targeting the U.S. population. The CCP’s takeover of Hollywood is part and parcel of the CCP’s infiltration and abuse of Americans, including cybersecurity attacks, billions of dollars of investments by U.S. venture capital firms, and the proliferation of Chinese-language documents at the southern border providing directions to people entering the United States illegally—many are military-age males coming across the border from adversary countries. The CCP special forces members entering the country illegally also get directions from their version of TikTok (Douyin).

“[The] CCP hasn’t only been building up its military might, it’s been honing its soft power over the years, infiltrating every aspect of our lives, changing the way we view the world, and all without firing a bullet,” says Ms. Meier.

“The survival of the U.S. depends on people waking up to the CCP’s relentless literal and cognitive takeover of our country. At this crucial historical moment, the truth may be inconvenient to many, but we all have a choice to make: will we continue to feed the dragon?” 

Mark your calendars for March 8, 2024 (two days before the Academy Awards), when this film is available to subscribers on

Tiffany Meier, film host, producer, and host of NTD’s “China in Focus,” is dedicated to presenting an accurate picture of China. With her unwavering commitment to finding and presenting the facts that the CCP doesn’t want people to know, the show has grown to over half a million subscribers since its launch in late February 2019 and has received overwhelming support and positive feedback. Ms. Meier is dedicated to truth, integrity, and high journalistic standards in her reporting on China. With a network of underground sources in China, she has stayed ahead of the curve. Viewers say she presents tomorrow’s news today.

Director and writer Penny Zhou is a reporter at NTD News, the investigative researcher for the documentary “The Final War: The 100-Year Plot to Defeat America,” and the writer and director for NTD special reports including “Persecution of the Century” and “Trump on Trial: America at a Crossroads.” From 2020 to 2022, she was a script writer for NTD’s show “China in Focus.” The popular show was among the first media outlets to reveal the on-the-ground situation of the COVID-19 pandemic originating in Wuhan, China. 

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For more information about Hollywood Takeover: China’s Control in the Film Industry,” visit, and follow the documentary on social media at @hollywoodtakeover.

To attend the premiere on March 6, screen the film and interview featured experts or filmmakers, please contact, Beth Bogucki, 610.584.1096, ext. 105, or Richard Jefferson,

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