WATCH: O’Keefe Investigates Illegal Immigrant Compound at Ramada Hotel in San Diego – Security Guards Nearly Attack Him With Pepper Spray for Exposing Chain in Human Smuggling Operation!

James O’Keefe’s latest undercover reporting in San Diego, California, exposes another illegal immigrant safehouse hotel operated by the government, nonprofits, and Ramada hotels.

The Biden Regime is actively aiding and abetting the invasion by operating secret charter flights to transport illegal immigrants from foreign airports to various U.S. cities.

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam was the first to report on this treason last week after he discovered “15-acre facilities” in the Darién gap between Colombia and Panama that the United States is using to process and smuggle illegals into the United States before they even reach the border.

As The Gateway Pundit reported last month, O’Keefe also investigated the secret Casa Alitas illegal immigrant housing compound at the Ramada Inn in Tucson, Arizona, where he was later detained by Pima County Sheriff’s deputies and threatened with arrest.

WATCH: James O’Keefe Infiltrates Secret Illegal Alien Compound in Tucson, Arizona – Threatened With Arrest by Gestapo Sheriff’s Deputies

Representatives Tom Tiffany (R-WI) and Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) later stopped at Tucson Ramada to investigate how federal funds are being used to transport and house immigrants who illegally crossed the border, and they were also accosted by Sheriff’s deputies covering the crime at Casa Alitas’ shelter.

O’Keefe’s reporting further shows that this is a multistate operation to harbor fugitive illegal aliens in Ramada hotels at the taxpayers’ expense. A couple of local citizens told James, “f*ck Ramada,” after learning what was going on at the facility.
James O’Keefe reports that Catholic Services and Jewish Services are funding this compound in San Diego. He also discovered that the California Department of Social Services, the University of California San Diego, and the Catholic Charities Diocese of San Diego are also helping operate the shelter.
Watch the full video below.
While inside of the facility, posing as a pest control serviceman, O’Keefe found a list of “the people who run the facility.”
One worker also told O’Keefe that busses are loaded up to transport illegals and children in the mornings at 10 am.

In the video, Hector, a bus driver for the Demaris bus and shuttle company, apparently drives a CharterUP bus and tells an undercover journalist that he is going to “multiple places” with the illegals, starting with the airport. “It scares me when people approach me to ask questions,” he added, also saying that some people have recorded him “moving migrants” and insulted him for it. “I myself don’t understand how it all works. It’s just me doing my job.”

He continues, “Not even the migrants know why they are coming here.” He also made it clear that he just wants to make his money and “go home,” despite what he has to do. The bus drivers and nonprofit employees are paid roughly just $21/hr.

When James O’Keefe and his crew confronted security guards from Eagles Point Security, one said to the other guard, “If he doesn’t get off the property, you can spray him legally.” James then told them, “go ahead, spray me,” and the man said, “spray all of them.”

A security guard also bragged to James that he makes “more than you, bro” when asked how much he is being paid to protect this invasion of our southern border and the trafficking of women and children into the United States. “That’s what it’s all about there; it’s all about the money,” James told the camera.

However, the same security guard was visibly not pleased with his job and admitted he knows exactly what’s going on at the facility. “You know what’s happening here,” he said Everybody knows.” He then told O’Keefe he should talk to Governor Gavin Newsom.

Watch below:

“SPRAY ALL OF THEM”: James O’Keefe physically assaulted by @EaglesPointSec guarding the secret @RamadaSandiego Hotel at 631 Camino. O’Keefe’s team posed as pest control and gained access to a white board showing all the organizations and names involved in the operation, including…

— James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) March 6, 2024

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