HILARIOUS: Liberals Think the NY Times is Being too Soft on Trump and is Biased Against Biden

Liberals are complaining that the New York Times is being too soft on Biden and is biased against Biden, a laughable claim.

People on the left will never, ever understand media bias the way Trump supporters do. Biden will never understand media bias the way Trump does.

The corporate media has spent years now, defaming Trump and his supporters in the worst ways possible. Biden supporters can’t even conceive of the kind of abuse the right gets from papers like the NY Times.

FOX News reports:

CNN reports liberals ‘angry’ that NY Times is biased towards Trump, harsh on Biden: ‘Shameful’

According to CNN senior reporter Oliver Darcy, a growing number of liberals are accusing The New York Times of being soft on former President Trump, and too harsh on President Biden, in the lead up to the 2024 presidential election.

Darcy himself even agreed with some of these criticisms, declaring the media is “struggling” to figure out how to cover Trump.

In Darcy’s “Reliable Sources” newsletter Tuesday, the reporter explained that as Trump’s prospects of retaking the White House have risen, frustrations have grown that The Times isn’t grilling him harder.

“Criticism of The Times is nothing new, but as it appears with each passing day that Trump has a real shot of recapturing the White House, the expressions of disapproval have become particularly pronounced,” he said.

Darcy’s piece explained how critics feel that the outlet has been “far too distracted as of late by worries over President Joe Biden’s age,” a narrative that steals “attention away from the larger and far more serious danger posed by a second Trump administration.”

This apparently started to become a problem when the Times recently did a report on Biden’s age. The left doesn’t want anyone to discuss that issue, even thought it’s a concern for a majority of Americans, according to recent polling.

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