Lara Trump Elected Co-Chair of RNC

Lara Trump Elected Co-Chair of RNC

State of the Union: The former president’s daughter-in-law will probably be an asset in fundraising for the Trump campaign.

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On Friday, March 8, the Republican National Committee (RNC) elected Michael Whatley, the chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, and Lara Trump, the former president’s daughter-in-law, as co-chairs. Donald Trump was also declared the party’s presumptive nominee.

Outgoing RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel said, “President Trump deserves to have the team he wants, including the RNC.”

“Over the next eight months, the RNC will work hand in glove with President Trump’s campaign,” Whately said in his acceptance speech. 

Indeed, the former president will undoubtedly benefit from having both a family member and a close supporter leading the organization. As the 2024 presidential election rapidly approaches, raising money for the Trump campaign will become a significant priority for Trump and Whatley. 

According to an official RNC report, the organization began 2024 quite shy of $9 million in cash on hand, the lowest fundraising numbers since 1993. The DNC reported having $24 million on hand, a decisive, almost trifold advantage. 

Trump has made it clear that raising money for her father-in-law will be a major goal for her as a leader of the RNC. At CPAC last month, she made clear that under her leadership, the RNC would go above and beyond fundraising for the Trump campaign. 

She declared, “I can assure you that my loyalty is to my father-in-law, and I will make sure that every penny is used properly.”

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