81 Million Vote Getter Joe Biden Draws Paltry Crowd to Atlanta Rally Held the Same Time as Trump’s Packed House Rally in Rome, Georgia

Joe Biden is holding a rally in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday at almost the same time as President Trump’s rally in Rome, Georgia. Trump is scheduled to speak at 5 p.m. EST, Biden at 6 p.m., meaning Trump will likely still be speaking when Biden steps on stage.

Biden’s rally is being held at a small capacity venue at Pullman Yards. Trump’s rally is being held at the 3-4,000 capacity Forum River Center. Trump’s rally is packed. Biden’s rally is not.

Photos, or the lack thereof, from the dueling rallies tell the story.

Newsmax reporter Addison Smith posted photos from the Biden rally:

The line to get into Biden’s speech in Atlanta, Georgia tonight. pic.twitter.com/djh51E3zuX

— Addison Smith (@AddisonSmithTV) March 9, 2024

Smith later noted that Biden campaign staff told him the general public had not been let in yet, so he posted photos of the line outside:

A staffer just told me they haven’t even opened the doors yet, but have let people in (pictured below)

The entire fenced area outside for waiting is totally empty pre-doors open

No wait if you go to a Biden rally! https://t.co/mKr91cLJNk pic.twitter.com/5azs8EhrWl

— Addison Smith (@AddisonSmithTV) March 9, 2024

One photo shows a few dozen supporters gathered in front of the stage.

Also close to the stage is the press pen. At a normal Trump rally, the press pen is a good one hundred feet or more from the stage. At this Biden rally, the press pen looks about twenty feet from the stage, indicating a very small crowd is expected.

Atlanta News First reporter Doug Reardon reports the rally is by invitation only.

President Joe Biden just arrived at Pullman Yards for his event tonight, one of his first since the SOTU address.

It’s an invite-only, very intimate setting – probably a few hundred people in attendance on the floor. pic.twitter.com/9TotMmYdOJ

— Doug Reardon (@ReardonReports) March 9, 2024

Probably in part to keep Hamas supporters protesting Biden from infiltrating the rally (the other part being Biden does not have enough enthusiastic supporters to fill a barn, let alone an arena.)

Biden is at Pullman Yards today. pic.twitter.com/a4TS3YJUS9

— Fiza Pirani (@fizapirani) March 9, 2024

Video posted by ABC News reporter Selina Wang shows Trump’s rally is packed:

At Trump rally in Georgia
Biden & Trump are both in the hotly contested state

General election is already kicking off

This is the state where Trump faces criminal charges surrounding efforts to overturn the 2020 elections pic.twitter.com/jdQLHW78ZV

— Selina Wang (@selinawangtv) March 9, 2024

The Trump campaign has signs honoring slain University of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley, who was killed last month while jogging on campus. An illegal alien from Venezuela let in the U.S. by the Biden administration in 2022 has been charged in her murder.

The Trump campaign passed out signs at his rally today in Georgia with a photo of Laken Riley.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is talking about her exchange with Biden at the State of the Union, noting his use of the word “illegal.”

“Joe Biden was forced to tell the truth,” she said. pic.twitter.com/G7CsMeVKs6

— Michael Gold (@migold) March 9, 2024

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) addressed the Trump rally, which is being held in her district:

WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene @mtgreenee speaks out about Biden’s embarrassing State of the Union address at Trump rally in Rome, Georgia pic.twitter.com/wYKTf5ZJXW

— RSBN (@RSBNetwork) March 9, 2024

Another crowd view:

Georgia TURNED OUT for DJT today

He doesn’t speak for another 2 hours pic.twitter.com/aI1DKSMzdD

— johnny maga (@_johnnymaga) March 9, 2024

Trump is leading Biden in the latest polls of Georgia from six to nine points. Biden barely won Georgia in 2020 in what Trump and many of his supporters with good reason believe to be a corrupt election.

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