TYRANNY: Trudeau’s Canada Will Imprison Anyone It Think ‘Might’ Commit a Hate Crime, Could Punish Them With Life Sentences

Justin Trudeau’s far-left Canadian government is planning on putting anyone they suspect “might” commit a hate crime.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the draconian policy will form part of the Trudeau regime’s ‘Online Harms Bill,’ designed to crack down on any opposition to the anti-progressive agenda.

One of the measures within the bill would give judges the power to place individuals under house arrest and force them to wear an electronic tag if they believe that individual could commit a hate crime in the future.

Although the bill does include a clampdown on issues such as child pornography, much of its language revolves around battling so-called hate speech.

The country’s Justice Minister, Arif Virani, declared the legislation could play a “very important” role in preventing criticism of minorities.

”[If] there’s a genuine fear of an escalation, then an individual or group could come forward and seek a peace bond against them and to prevent them from doing certain things,” Virani explained.

“That would help to de-radicalise people who are learning things online and acting out in the real world violently – sometimes fatally.”

CANADA: Should judges be allowed to sentence people they think might commit a hate crime in the future? Canada is considering house arrest for people at risk of committing hate crimes. pic.twitter.com/BYFKosNEGp

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“What’s really critical is that it gives the judge a wonderful range of sentences,” he continued. “This is not a mandatory minimum of a life sentence, this is just a larger range, including what would be the maximum sentence.”

Under the measures proposed in Bill C-63, which was first unveiled last month, those found guilty of such crimes could also face life sentences in prison.

The legislation also involves the creation of a Digital Safety Commission tasked with enforcing regulations and ensuring online platforms adhere to all the rules.

It will also establish the role of a Digital Safety Ombudsperson role responsible for “championing user interests, offering support, and issuing recommendations to both social media platforms and governmental bodies.”

Last month, Canadian opposition leader Pierre Poilievre expressed his opposition to the bill on the grounds that it amounted to censorship.

“These serious acts should be criminalized, investigated by police, tried in court and punished with jail, not pushed off to new bureaucracy that does nothing to prevent crimes and provides no justice to victims,” the statement said.

“[We] do not believe that the government should be banning opinions that contradict the Prime Minister’s radical ideology,” he added.

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