Culture of Death: After Inserting Abortion in the Constitution, France’s Macron Goes All in for Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in New Legislative Push

Globalist poster boy and former Rothschild banker, French President Emmanuel Macron, has fully embraced the culture of death that is becoming so pervasive in many decadent Western societies.

After he proudly inserted abortion in the French constitution, Macron has run to the other extremity of life to now defend what he terms an ‘end of life’ bill.

The ‘petit Roi’ can hardly be blamed for starting this horrid trend, that in places like Canadistan is leading to a death toll of tens of thousands annually – many of them of people who did NOT have terminal illnesses, since the standards to be eligible for these nefast practices keep getting relaxed.

Today (10), Macron, for the first time, came out of the closet and declared that he backed new ‘end-of-life’ legislation.

He said the new legislation would allow what he called ‘help to die’ and determined that his government is to put forward a draft bill to parliament as early as May.

France will join equally deranged policies by neighbors Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands, who have all adopted laws that allow medically assisted dying ‘in some cases.’

Reuters reported:

“In an interview with Liberation newspaper, Macon said he did not want to call the new legislation euthanasia or assisted suicide, but rather ‘help to die’.

‘It does not, strictly speaking, create a new right nor a freedom, but it traces a path which did not exist until now and which opens the possibility of requesting assistance in dying under certain strict conditions’, he said.

Macron said those conditions would need to be met and a medical team would assess and ensure the criteria for the decision was correct.

It would concern only adults capable of making the decision and whose life prognosis is threatened in the medium-term such as final-stage cancer, he said. Family members would also be able to appeal the decision, Macron said.”

Since ‘Manu’ fancies himself to be so special, he thinks changing the name of the awful legislation will make it better. Also, all this talk of ‘strict conditions’ doesn’t fly since we’ve seen how fast things evolve once these practices are accepted.

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The bill is based on the work of a group of 184 ‘randomly appointed’ (yeah, right) French citizens who were called to debate the issue.

“They concluded their work last year with 76% of them saying they favored allowing some form of assistance to die, for those who want it.”

Highly unpopular Macron has a ton of social and economic issues that plague him, but instead of tackling them, he wants to take a tangent and be seen as a ‘social reformer’ by pulling these deadly stunts.

His party is more than 10 points behind the conservative Rassemblement National in polls.

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