Measles Reported at Chicago Migrant Facility Where Child Died in December

A case of measles has been confirmed at a Chicago migrant facility where a five-year-old child died of an unknown illness in December.

The shelter is currently housing 1,876 migrants.

The young child who was infected has now recovered, but it is unclear how many migrants were exposed to it at the shelter.

Chicago Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez, who represents the neighborhood where the shelter is located, told NewsNation, “Right now, with this potential exposure to a rapidly spreading virus such as measles, it’s critical to have an isolation plan.”

The alderman continued, “People need to be in isolation while they are being tested and will learn more of the assessment while people are sheltering in place, and we will wait for the results of the tests.”

NewsNation reports:

Chicago city health officials are asking all shelter residents to remain in place until it can be determined whether migrants are vaccinated against measles and immune to the infectious disease. Sigcho-Lopez said that those who are vaccinated will be permitted to continue with their daily routines, but those who have not been vaccinated must remain indoors and watch for symptoms.

Chicago Public Schools officials confirmed that the child was not of school age and told parents that the city health department had told families at the shelter not to send their children to school Friday.

In an email to parents, school officials said that they would be on the lookout for students from the shelter who were accompanied by a parent. Those parents would be told that their child would not be permitted to attend classes.

“This is, unfortunately, a process that is too long when you have 1,800 people (in the shelter),” Sigcho-Lopez said. “I recognize the process that has been made, but given how quickly this virus is spreading, we need to get people isolated.

“I think what we want from the governor is the commitment to better protocols so we can work toward better conditions and prevent cases like this.”

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