WATCH: Trump Hilariously Mimics Biden’s Stutter at Georgia Rally — ‘Bring the Country T-T-T-T-Together’


Former President Donald Trump mocked President Joe Biden’s stuttering during his State Of The Union speech during his rally in Georgia on Saturday.

Speaking in Rome, Trump blasted Biden for delivering an “angry, dark, hate-filled rant.”

The former president and presumptive Republican nominee also urged “disillusioned democrats” to vote for him instead of Biden.

“That was the worst president in history, making the worst State Of The Union speech in history,” Trump said. “But if you’re a disillusioned Democrat, of which there are many today I extend an open hand, an open invitation, and I ask you to join us on the noble quest of saving our country!”

Trump continued, “Saving our country! Together, we will turn the page forever on the miserable nightmare of the Biden presidency. What a presidency. What a president. The most incompetent president we’ve ever had. The worst president, the most incompetent and the most corrupt. Other than that, I think he’s doing actually quite a good job.”

The former president then took aim at Biden’s lifelong speech impediment.

Trump mocks Biden’s stutter. #classy

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 9, 2024

“And we will make America great again. Two nights ago, we all heard Crooked Joe’s angry, dark, hate filled rant of a State Of The Union address, wasn’t it? Didn’t it bring us together? ‘Bring the country t-t-together? I’m going to bring it together.’”

Trump added, “No. He’s a threat to democracy. I will tell you. He’s a threat to democracy.”

Of course, liberals were absolutely outraged by the joke.

Trump is a horrible, horrible person. He just mocked Joe Biden’s lifelong stutter. Remember when he mocked a reporter’s disability? How anyone supports this disgusting monster is beyond me. They need to look within.

— Mike Sington (@MikeSington) March 10, 2024

This is disgusting. Donald Trump just made fun of President Biden for having a lifelong stutter. Having a speech impediment is not something to mock. This is a middle finger to Americans out there who struggle with the same thing. Screw Trump.

— Harry Sisson (@harryjsisson) March 9, 2024


Let’s all defer to linguistic expert & oratory genius Donald Trump for advice on how to speak properly.

Trump is a piece of sh*t & Gen-Z chooses decency over deplorable.

— Dream for America (@DreamAmerica_) March 10, 2024

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