28-Year-Old Swedish Footballer Diagnosed With Multiple Small Blood Clots in Brain After Frightening Collapse, Under Intensive Care

FC Midtjylland midfielder Kristoffer Olsson

FC Midtjylland midfielder and Swedish international Kristoffer Olsson is in critical condition after being diagnosed with multiple small blood clots in the brain. The 28-year-old former Arsenal player collapsed at his home on February 20, 2024, and has been hospitalized since.

FC Midtjylland released a statement explaining that Olsson lost consciousness at his home last month and was subsequently rushed to Aarhus University Hospital. There, he has been receiving medical care while on a ventilator.

“In view of the increasing rumours and speculation that are circulating about the reason for Kristoffer Olsson’s absence in the recent period, we are forced to make this announcement to the public,” the club said in a statement.

“The 28-year-old Swedish international lost consciousness in his home on Tuesday 20 February and was transferred to Aarhus university hospital, where he has been admitted and on a ventilator.

“Kristoffer Olsson is affected by an apparently acute disease related to the brain, which is not caused by self-harm of any kind, nor is the cause due to external factors. A team of Denmark’s leading medical experts is currently working hard to make a diagnosis and initiate the right treatment.”

After weeks of medical investigation, it has been revealed that Olsson suffers from “several small blood clots on both sides of the brain,” a result of a highly rare inflammatory condition affecting the brain’s vessels.

The condition, which has kept Olsson on a ventilator, has stabilized, yet the road to recovery is uncertain, Mirror reported.

“As the public is already aware, FC Midtjylland’s Swedish national team player, 28-year-old Kristoffer Olsson, was admitted to Aarhus University Hospital on 20 February 2024 after losing consciousness at his home earlier that day,” FC Midtjylland said in a statement.

“Based on the extensive examinations, scans and tests of recent weeks, the doctors can now determine that Kristoffer is affected by several small blood clots on both sides of the brain, as a result of an extremely rare inflammatory condition in the vessels of the brain. The diagnosis matches the thesis on which the medical specialists have so far worked and treated Kristoffer.

“Kristoffer Olsson’s condition is now assessed as stable, and the doctors continue to see little progress. At the same time, they find that Kristoffer has an increasing degree of consciousness.” The statement went on to make clear that doctors will try and wean Olsson off of the ventilator, but just how long his treatment will take remains unclear.

Midtjylland CEO Claus Steinlein released a statement, saying,”I would like to thank the public and the press for having shown warm-hearted support, respect and consideration in recent times towards Kristoffer as well as his family and the healthcare staff.

“It means an incredible amount. Also for us at FC Midtjylland, where players and staff are obviously very affected by Kristoffer’s situation. Therefore, I would like to thank you for the fact that our message has been received and continues to be respected,” he added.

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