After Macron Floats Sending Troops to Ukraine, France Suffers ‘Unprecedented’ Series of Cyberattacks

Desperate for some public stunt that can award him some political boost, French President called for NATO troops to be sent to Ukraine, war-mongering in a way no other European powers wanted, as you can read in DANGEROUS AND IRRESPONSIBLE: France’s Macron Floats the Idea of Sending Troops to Ukraine – European and NATO Leaders Shoot His Lunacy Down.

Macron continued unabated, assembling yet another coalition, this time to prepare to send troops into the War.

Now, a few days later, several French government departments were targeted by computer attacks of ‘unprecedented intensity’.

Reuters reported:

BFM TV reported that several government departments have been the target of computer attacks since Sunday. It quoted a government source as saying that at this stage, there is no indication of a Russian attack.

No government services were disrupted due to the attack, French media reported.”

Le Monde reported:

“Several French state bodies have been hit with cyberattacks of ‘unprecedented intensity’, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal’s office said Monday, March 11, while insisting the government had been able to contain the impact. ‘Many ministerial services were targeted’ from Sunday ‘using familiar technical means but of unprecedented intensity’, Attal’s office said, without providing further details of the targets.

A security source told AFP that the attacks were not immediately attributable to Russia, the obvious suspect for these attacks.

“The PM’s staff added that a ‘crisis cell has been activated to deploy countermeasures’, meaning ‘the impact of these attacks has been reduced for most services and access to state websites restored’. Specialist services including information security agency ANSSI were ‘implementing filtering measures until the attacks are over’.”

Associated Press reported:

“A group of hackers called Anonymous Sudan, which is considered by cybersecurity experts as pro-Russia, claimed responsibility for the attacks in online posts. The French prime minister’s office and digital safety agency wouldn’t comment on the claim, or provide details of what was targeted or what damage might have been caused.

A French official said they were denial-of-service attacks, a common type of cyberattack that involves flooding a site with data in order to overwhelm it and knock it offline.”

These attacks to hit France come after warnings that Paris Summer Olympics and European Parliament elections this summer could be “significant targets”.

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