Celebrities Rushed to Mock Trump’s Assessment of Failing Country, Now They’re Deafeningly Silent as Violent Gangs Take Over

Former President Donald Trump knew what he was talking about when he mentioned that Haiti was rife with issues.

Of course, it wasn’t as crass as the liberal media claimed it was as the then-president clarified that he never called it a “s***hole countr[y],” but rather was tough when discussing the issues it was facing, according to Breitbart.

Nonetheless, leftist voices such as Conan O’Brien were quick to criticize the New York businessman for statements they assumed he said.

The comedian visited Haiti back in 2018 to fight back against the extremely harsh and hateful comments that President Trump made about the lovely and beautiful country of Haiti.

Just landed in #Haiti and already made some new friends! Follow me all this weekend in real time as I explore this beautiful country. #ConanHaiti pic.twitter.com/GGmv8mtmO9

— Conan O’Brien (@ConanOBrien) January 18, 2018

Unfortunately for O’Brien and his fellow leftists, that’s not the reality.

Most of Haiti is not like the expensive resort that the late-night talk show host stayed in.

Rather, the country is a chaotic mess that has constantly been teetering on the edge of chaos and destruction.

The Biden administration is currently having to consider deploying United States Marines into Haiti as gangs have attacked government buildings in Port-au-Prince.

Important locations such as the Presidential Palace, the Interior Ministry and a police headquarters were ransacked by gunfire and explosions.

The United States military had to run an overnight mission to evacuate staff and add additional security at the U.S. embassy in the chaotic country, per Politico.

To top it all off, much of the unrest within the country stems from a leader pushed forth by the Biden administration that the people have long called to retire from his position, per ABC News.

So what do the leftist and late-night hosts have to say about the deteriorating situation in Haiti that Biden played a part in?

Unsurprisingly, nothing.

The same people who were quick to cast stones at Trump have kept their lips airtight when it comes to discussion on the unbridled disaster occurring in Haiti.

It’s shocking to no one as the same gaggle of unfunny comedians who took every opportunity to make digs at former President Trump have somehow only shown praise for the current geriatric President Biden.

Inelegant language about Haiti seems to be a more pressing issue for liberals to discuss and criticize. Where is the discussion and criticism for our current leader, who has plunged his own and other countries into countless messes?

The silence from these talk show hosts speaks volumes.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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