FLASHBACK: Leftist Celebs Wore ‘Haiti is Great Already’ T-Shirts After Trump Allegedly Called It a ‘Sh**hole Country’ – Today It Descends into Chaos

While Haiti sadly descends into a state of anarchy, it is worth remembering how left-wing celebrities once hailed the Carribean nation as a “great” country to live in.

The situation in Haiti is now so bad that the U.S. has evacuated its embassy staff. The government is on the brink of collapse, violent gangs are overrunning the city and some are warning of a pending humanitarian crisis. There are even some reports of people turning to cannibalism.

BREAKING NEWS: Here is disturbing footage of the Haitian cannibal gang eating body parts of one of their victims as he cooks in the fire. The Haiti Cannibal Gang leader is named ‘Barbeque’ and is now the most powerful man in Haiti after their Prime Minster Ariel Henry fled. pic.twitter.com/2j41sdPZ4Z

— Dom Lucre | Breaker of Narratives (@dom_lucre) March 10, 2024

The state of affairs was summarized by The New York Times:

Haiti is in the throes of an uprising not seen in decades. As politicians around the region scramble to hash out a diplomatic solution to a political crisis that has the prime minister, Ariel Henry, stranded in Puerto Rico and gangs attacking police stations, a humanitarian disaster is quickly escalating. The food supply is threatened, and access to water and health care has been severely curtailed.

While gangs expand their territory and band together in concerted attacks against the state, millions of people throughout the country are caught in the middle. Many are afraid to leave their homes for fear of getting caught in the crossfire. They are hungry. They are running out of clean water and gas. They are desperate.

The mayhem may bring back memories from five years ago, when reports emerged that President Trump had described Haiti as a “shithole country.”

In response to the comments, various left-wing celebrities including talk show host Bill Maher, actress Susan Sarandon and comedian Conan O’Brien all leapt to the defense of the troubled country by wearing caps with the phrase “Haiti is Great Already.”

After Trump called Haiti a shithole nation, celebrities started wearing “Haiti Is Great Already” merch to prove him wrong.

How did these t-shirts age? pic.twitter.com/KxwcSFT0n3

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) March 10, 2024

O’Brien even took the issue so seriously that he traveled to Haiti for his show, although presumably did so with armed security whilestaying in the country’s most exclusive hotels and resorts.

Trump always denied making the remarks. Yet even if he did, it appears they were not too far off the mark.

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