Israel’s Netanyahu Says He Will Defy Biden’s ‘Red Line,’ Draws One of His Own

If Joe Biden still doesn’t understand that other world leaders will never take him seriously or see him as a threat, then he’s more hopeless than we thought.

Unfortunately, ever the clueless senior citizen, Biden had the temerity to threaten Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the weekend, first on the hot mic after his angry State of the Union speech, then on national television in a disaster of an interview on Saturday.

But as reported in Politico, Netanyahu has his own response for Biden’s now-infamous “red line” remark it MSNBC.

If you don’t remember, after Biden’s epic fail of a State of the Union address, he was heard on a hot mic expressing his frustration with the Israeli Prime Minister, saying “I told him, Bibi, and don’t repeat this, but you and I are going to have a ‘come-to-Jesus’ meeting.”

Later, in an interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart, Biden attempted to make himself appear a strong and intimidating presence by saying that Israel’s planned military operations in Rafah, a city right in the south of Gaza on the Egyptian border, would be the “red line” for Netanyahu.

However, as Politico reported Sunday, Netanyahu clearly feels little pressure from our octogenarian president on this issue.

As Netanyahu told reporters on Sunday, when asked whether he’d go ahead with the invasion of Rafah, “We’ll go there. We’re not going to leave them. You know, I have a red line. You know what the red line is? That October 7 doesn’t happen again. Never happens again.”

He’s not wrong.

Netanyahu is right to oppose the ceasefire that virtue-signaling leftists are so aggressively lobbying for.

As Biden himself inadvertently admitted in that MSNBC interview, a ceasefire for the month of Ramadan would only strengthen Hamas, giving the terrorists time to regroup and rearm themselves.

Moreover, according to Netanyahu’s own estimates, “We’ve destroyed three-quarters of Hamas’ fighting terrorism battalions. And we’re close to finishing the last part in warfare,” projecting it taking “maybe six weeks, maybe four,” to finally end the fighting.

You have to admit, if his figures are accurate, it would be pure stupidity to put on the brakes right now.

But, regardless of how you feel about Israel’s prime minister, or the Israeli Defense Forces’ battle plans, Netanyahu’s remarks expose Biden’s real weaknesses on the international stage.

Namely, Biden is not respected by world leaders, and that lack of respect is becoming more evident by the day.

Netanyahu clearly doesn’t give a fig about Biden’s “red lines” or threats, or pathetic attempts at tough talking.

Speaking of which, it’s odd how aggressive Biden has gotten with the anti-Israel rhetoric, isn’t it?

Why is he changing his tune so dramatically? Domestic American politics — and his own fears of losing his re-election bid.

Biden is trying (and failing) to walk the political tightrope of appeasing the radical pro-Palestinian left and the more pro-Israel Democratic establishment.

An impossible task?

Absolutely, but that’s not going to stop Biden from trying.

His support among the Democratic base is splintering, and he desperately needs to keep that base united if he wants any prayer of winning the election in November.

Netanyahu surely recognizes this, and therefore has no fear of Biden’s empty words.

Netanyahu is going to keep his course undeterred by Biden’s words, and another symptom of the appalling inconstancy — and impotence — of Sleepy Joe’s entire presidency.

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