Leftists Protest Chicago Mayor’s Plan to Evict Illegal Immigrants From Shelters After 60 Days

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is now planning to evict illegal immigrants from shelters after 60 days and the left is not happy about it.

There was a recent protest in the city with people holding banners that read ‘no evictions.’ Perhaps these protesters could take all of the illegal border crossers into their homes.

The media tends to focus on the illegal immigration crisis in New York City but the situation in Chicago is nearly as dire.

FOX News reports:

Chicago activists urge against Mayor Johnson’s migrant shelter eviction policy

As illegal immigration continues to surge, Chicago becomes one of the latest cities to feel the escalating effects of the ongoing migrant crisis as Mayor Brandon Johnson prepares to enforce a 60-day maximum stay deadline for immigrants housed in temporary shelters.

The windy city will implement eviction processes beginning March 16th.

As the weather shifts to warmer temperatures, Johnson plans to enact the sanctuary city’s 60-day policy – but protesters gathered in Pritzker Park this weekend, advocated for a reversal of the upcoming plan.

‘The Chicago Tribune’ reported that people at the rally had signs that read “Stop the Evictions” and “Brandon do Better” as those in attendance chanted “Refugees are welcome here.”

Miguel Alvelo Rivera, executive director of the Latino Union of Chicago who was at the protest, said, “People are going to be forced out of shelter. People are going to the streets, and people are not given any direction as to how to sustain themselves, how to sustain their families. They want housing, but they can’t pay for it.”

The situation just isn’t sustainable.

Activists are demanding an end to the city’s migrant shelter eviction policy, which is set to begin this weekend. https://t.co/Hjy6cyFMXl pic.twitter.com/Mkmn8xi3Lp

— Block Club Chicago (@BlockClubCHI) March 12, 2024

How much longer does the activist community think the city can keep paying to house and feed so many people?

You can’t protest your way out of reality.

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