Major Announcement at Sold Out Conservative Event with Mike Lindell in Deep Blue Southside Chicago – First African American GOP Office Opening on South Side

Terry Newsome, (left) Mike Lindell and Paul Drabik at sold out event in southside Chicago to see Mike Lindell.

Behind Enemy Lines podcast co-hosts Terry Newsome and Paul Drabik hosted an event headlined by Mike Lindell in the heart of a traditional Democrat stronghold last Tuesday night, on March 5th. The event was not only a success, but sold out with standing room only for the many additional walk-ins. The podcast duo teamed up with LindellTV on Frankspeech to produce the event in the once DEEP BLUE Southside of Chicago. The recording can be found on LindellTV and Rumble on the Behind Enemy Lines Rumble channel. 

As blue as Chicago has traditionally been, it was no surprise to Newsome and Drabik why the event was so well attended. The pair have been covering the illegal immigration crisis plaguing the city of Chicago and making its way into the suburbs. Discontent amongst citizens of Chicago – particularly the African American voters – has grown in parallel with the increase of illegal immigrants flooding the city by the day. A double standard out grows the Tower of Babel as illegals rack up the taxpayer bills with hotels, Visa gift cards, and phones. While some illegals were forced into a school at the expense of the students, it appears that there is a block of voters who may soon find a home in the Republican camp.

Newsome and Drabik have been known to admonish RINOs in Illinois for their lack of political will. The tide seemed to be turning on Tuesday night at 115 Bourbon Street on the Southside of Chicago. That red tide is working its way into the city. The attendance of Richard Porter, former Special Assistant to the President and current Republican National Committeeman, brought a sense of a shifting Illinois GOP perspective. Porter spoke of the sanctity of the Constitution and our God-given rights. The most glaring signal of the burgeoning red wave on the horizon was the announcement of the first African American led GOP office opening in the Southside of Chicago on March 23rd. Devin Jones, a veteran, and leader of the Southside Republican Organization commissioning the office, spoke of the significance of the event.

Many great patriot groups such as Back the Blue, Parents Matter, and United Sovereign Americans spoke about their efforts. Fittingly, United Sovereign Americans set the stage for the man of the hour with their presentation on voter data in Illinois. As Lindell has shown on many occasions, voter rolls across the country are, and have been, inaccurate. The group showed that enough voter registrations had been invalid during the 2022 midterm so as to render the election impossible to certify. More specifically, the election should NOT have, legally, been certified. The group draws an important distinction in that, the election certification is a violation of specific voting rights acts. Violation of Civil Rights by the government was a recurring theme on Tuesday night. 

Mike Lindell took the stage to a standing ovation from the myriad patriots clamoring to hear the MyPillow CEO’s message. Lindell spoke of the corruption uncovered in states like Georgia where candidate elections have been overturned from the result of voter fraud exposure. Lindell has fought at the expense of his company, his livelihood, and his family in order to secure elections for America. Lindell spoke of being canceled by banks and American Express. Specifically, Lindell called attention to a sobering reality. He is still being canceled in 2024 but not for challenging the veracity of the 2020 election. Lindell has been successful in his efforts to secure elections in counties across the country. As a result of that success, Lindell has continued to endure attacks on his livelihood.

Newsome stamped an exclamation mark on the patriotic event bringing up vets, first responders, and union workers to take a picture with Lindell on stage. Mike Lindell was gracious and inspiring. A dim light shined a bit brighter in Chicago on Tuesday. The air in Illinois is permeated with a new, freedom-inspired Republicanism. Behind Enemy Lines will continue to cover that phenomenon.

Please donate to help Mike Lindell’s efforts to secure our elections at: Lindell Offense Fund

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