France’s Macron Puts Bilateral Security Agreement With Ukraine to a Vote on Parliament, as His War-Mongering Flounders in the Polls

Globalist poster boy Emmanuel Macron has a ton of problems on his hands as President of the ailing French Republic.

Does he tackle them vigorously? No, he war-mongers in vain.

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Let’s look at some numbers: polls forecast Marine Le Pen’s RN would largely win the EU election in France, standing no less than 12 points ahead of Macron’s shrinking party.

Rather than talk about unchecked mass migration, ‘green policy’ killing agriculture, or the rising cost of living, Macron has childishly focused on portraying Le Pen’s party as ‘Russia’s pawn in France.’

As for his deranged idea of sending NATO soldiers to Ukraine, no less than 79% oppose sending combat troops.

So, now, ‘Le Petit Roi’ has put his bilateral security accord with Ukraine through a vote in Parliament.

French lawmakers will vote today (12) whether they support the accord in a non-binding vote that is, nevertheless, very relevant.

Reuters reported:

“Ukrainian officials have told Reuters they are worried that a vote that was not overwhelmingly in favour of Kyiv would be negative symbolically and could hurt President Emmanuel Macron’s efforts to ramp up his country’s support in the coming months.

The 10-year security pact with Ukraine includes commitments by Paris to deliver more arms, train soldiers and send up to 3 billion Euros ($3.2 billion) in military aid to Ukraine in 2024.”


Macron taking a ‘hard stance’ on Russia has yielded no tangible political results – but maybe he has more important priorities than his own political survival.

The National Rally (will abstain in Tuesday’s vote and the hard-left France Unbowed (LFI) is also opposed to the security pact.

“Macron has pushed for the vote in a bid to try and alienate the far-right and far-left ahead of European parliamentary elections in June over their perceived less supportive positioning towards Ukraine.

[…] ‘They (Macron’s Renaissance party) seem to have decided to run a EU election campaign based on fear rather than on ideas’, EuroIntelligence analysts said in a note, pointing to the lack of any discussion on themes core to voters, ranging from cost of living to immigration. ‘For Macron turning his party into the be-prepared-for-war party is a risky bet’.”

But Macron’s crowd is doubling down on the failing path of describing the adversaries ‘Putin’s puppets.’

‘In the face of Russia we cannot have a posture that is weak’, Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu told Le Parisien newspaper on Tuesday. ‘RN and LFI must stop being double- dealing’.”

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