UK MONOLITH MANIA: Fifth Metal Artifact Found In Wales Fuels ‘Mystery’ Speculations

Another week, another seemingly supernatural ‘mystery’ coming from the United Kingdom.

This time it’s yet another installment of the years-long ‘metal monolith’ conundrum. This time, in Wales.

Daily Mail reported:

“A fifth steel monolith shaped like a giant Toblerone has been spotted on a Welsh hill.

Locals in Hay-on-Wye spotted the ten-foot-tall block of steel, resembling the distinctive shape of the [Swiss] chocolate bar, on Hay Bluff near the Powys town at the weekend.”

The artifact sighting is the latest in a series of similar events happening across the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

Multiple monoliths were sighted in 2020, including one at the Isle of Wight and one at the Merry Maidens megalithic stone circle in Cornwall, which attracted enormous curiosity.

“These previous findings have prompted speculation on social media that the structures could be the work of aliens.

However, others have quashed those rumours, instead suggesting the monolith is simply an elaborate piece of undercover artwork.”

While these two explanations seem to suffice for the MSM, many online suggest the artifices to be linked to neo-pagan worship linked to the upcoming solar eclipse.

Unlike some really mind-boggling unexplained mysteries such as crop circles, the monolith is just a 10-foot-tall triangular-topped, stainless steel artifact. Witnesses reportedly said it was hollow and ‘pretty light’, and two people could easily carry it.

But hey – Brits never waste a good Loch Ness monster-style mystery.

“In 2020, a similar monolith was spotted on the Isle of Wight, prompting speculation that it was the work of aliens.”

Politically correct criticism is already aimed at the ‘tacky, not funny, environment-damaging’ structures.

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