China is Now Building our FBI Offices Inside the U.S.?

The outrage over China’s covert police stations inside of America was quick and decisive.  In October 2020, eight were indicted, five in the United States, three in China.

Indicting someone in China may seem pointless, but it has worked in the past where China may have dealt with those named publicly by the U.S.  The Chinese police stations were part of “Fox Hunt”.

Operation Fox Hunt is the ongoing worldwide operation by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of China to hunt down dissidents and forcibly return them home for interrogation, imprisonment, and likely execution.

The pursuit phase of Fox Hunt reminded me of the early work in the Global War on Terror (GWOT) where we pursued Al-Qaeda operatives around the world and conducted rendition operations to black sites.

It starts out with a righteous anger but can soon spin out of control.  We’re a nation of laws and constitutional framework with key tenets that can help get things right when they spin out of control (until recently).

The Chinese clone of GWOT has no boundaries.  It appears our Department of Justice is working to shut down the CCP Fox Hunt Operation, but are they?  Secretary of State Blinken just hosted the Chinese Director of Fox Hunt for a formal Dinner.

Why would he do that?  Is Blinken trying to curry favor for a position after regime change?  A disturbing assertion was brought to my attention.

Instead of us finding Chinese covert Fox Hunt Police Stations, is China now in the business of building our sensitive U.S. government facilities inside of America?  This is like the inverse of us rooting out their police stations.

Why bother establishing a police station when you can just build the sensitive facilities for the American Government and fill them with all kinds of bugs, taps, and monitoring devices.

A Construction Company that seeks Chinese Investors builds FBI Field Offices

Molasky Construction of Las Vegas, Nevada cites its success in building U.S. Government Facilities, including several FBI field offices.

For our special and secure U.S. Government Facilities we need trustworthy companies that can deliver the best construction and renovation to make sure no foreign threat fills that building and network connectivity with different tricks of the trade to see, hear, and read everything going on in that facility.

It’s important that everyone, especially the key personnel in a construction company working sensitive programs are trustworthy themselves.  From experience, getting an insider is the most effective way of break into an organization.

Why try a Mission Impossible break and enter when you can have someone on the inside do the work for you? Now why would one of the individuals of this company performing sensitive construction also be a big advocate for the EB-5 Immigration Program?

Nothing necessarily wrong with being an advocate of EB-5.  But EB-5 advocacy and building of sensitive Government facilities should be an immediate screaming alarm of incompatible activities.  The EB-5 program has been fraught with fraud and abuse.  The EB-5 advocate in Molasky seems to have a strong intersection with EB-5 applicants from China.

The EB-5 visa provides a method of obtaining a green card for foreign nationals who invest in a “new commercial enterprise”.  The EB-5 program came from Immigration Reform in 1990.

It may be established law, but the program on its surface reeks of malign individuals or countries using this to invest in American real estate and the gold mine of triple prizes is Green Card status and involvement in construction of sensitive U.S. Government facilities.

There is no Federal Program to oversee foreign activities in American real estate investments.  The Chinese know this loophole and that’s how they can buy up farmland next to sensitive U.S. facilities.

The EB-5 program potentially puts them inside the sensitive buildings and facilities of interest.  If a Construction Company that builds sensitive Government facilities is also cheerleading EB-5, the National Counter-Intelligence Executive should be landing on them with both feet from a 10-foot springboard to figure out what’s going on.

The Saga of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow

Starting in 1969, a new U.S. Embassy in Moscow was started after extensive reciprocal negotiations with the Soviets.  The Soviets also wanted a new embassy building in Washington D.C.

The construction site and process in Moscow was a nightmare of poor oversight and a massive Soviet operation to put a bug in everything.  Time dragged on until 1988, when President Reagan made the decision to demolish much of it and start over.

The Soviets made it a priority to penetrate the construction effort and for some reason, securing the facility was not that important compared to the Soviet frenzy.  It can be argued that so what, we won the Cold War and the Soviets collapsed.  Well, the Soviets are back with a new name and security of a construction site must be taken seriously.

The Chinese approach things in a more sophisticated and less brutish manner than the KGB blatant frontal assault.  The CCP efforts seek to capture senior leaders of the other team through various influence operations.

This gets the CCP the prized insider that makes everything easier.  The CCP apparently has the White House and State Department, but this unbelievable intersection of building sensitive facilities for the FBI makes one wonder about the FBI itself.

Bulldoze the facility, start over, and end the EB-5 Visa Program insanity

 A construction group appears to be simultaneously building sensitive Government Facilities while lobbying for EB-5 investors from China.

If someone doesn’t see the Counterintelligence ramifications, I frankly don’t know what to say. It is a best practice (and likely a contract requirement) to keep foreign nationals away from, or at least properly report their involvement to the Federal program management office.

In the old days, we would bulldoze the building as untrusted and start over.  It is outrageous that this is happening inside the United States, but then it appears the cancer of Woke-ism and Communism is rotting the minds of those in power.

In November we start the process to bulldoze, start over, end the EB-5 program, and arrest those responsible.

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