TYRANNY: Right-Wing Activist Sentenced to Prison in Belgium for “Hate Speech” Over Memes

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Freedom of speech on a global scale for legal residents continues to evaporate while leftist governments welcome foreign invaders with open arms. Just ask former Flemish Parliamentarian and right-wing activist Dries Van Langenhove.

The 30-year-old Van Langenhove is the founder and leader of the Flemish nationalist youth organization Schild & Vrienden, which wants the Dutch-speaking region of Flanders to separate from the rest of Belgium.

As Breitbart reported, Van Langenhove was allegedly involved in a private Facebook group that is alleged to have shared racist memes and messages as well as expressing sympathy for Nazi ideology. It is illegal in Belgium to deny or celebrate the Holocaust.

The outlet goes on to reveal a Belgian court in Ghent ruled that the chat jokes of the private groups chats resemble “Nazi ideology” and ‘White Supremacy.” Judge Jan Van den Berghe said that Van Langenhove wanted “to undermine democratic society.”

“The defendant raved about Nazi ideology, which has caused and continues to cause untold suffering to countless people. The file showed that he wants to undermine democratic society and replace it with a social model of white supremacy,” claimed Van den Berghe.

For this, Van Langenhove was sentenced to a year in prison, barred from holding public office for ten years, and ordered to pay a fine of 16,000 Euros.

The young right-wing activist denied all wrongdoing and pointed out he never even posted the memes himself.

A years-long investigation, on which the Justice Department wasted millions of euros of taxpayers’ money, shows that the activists cannot be charged with anything other than some memes. Humor. Memes that I didn’t even post myself,” Van Langenhove said.

The Associated Press reported Van Langenhove was not at the court in Ghent, but his lawyer said he would appeal the ruling.

Conservative Dutch political activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek blasted the ruling as “full-blown tyranny” and warned, “Next time they’ll do this to me, you or anyone who goes against the globalist regime.”

For folks believing this cannot happen in America, think again. Last year, former Twitter troll Douglass Mackey aka ‘Ricky Vaughn’ was sentenced to seven months in prison last year by a corrupt left-wing judge for posting memes mocking Crooked Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

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