Under Biden, America Is Failing – Big League!

President Joe Biden delivers his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress in the House Chamber at the U.S. Capitol, Thursday, March 7, 2024, in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

“An arrest consists of a series of incidental irrelevancies, of a multitude of things that do not matter, and there seems no point in arguing about one of them individually…and yet all these incidental irrelevancies taken together implacably constitute the arrest,” wrote Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in his Gulag Archipelago, a book that viscerally chronicled the hellscape of life under Soviet tyranny.  The lasting impact of the work goes to the universal lessons it elaborates about tyranny – and how those lessons apply with as much fervor to modern American life as anywhere under Joe Biden, where impromptu arrests of innocent civilians, draconian censorship of the press and dissident views, and heavy-handed application of the law – impartially and without consideration for due process at all – defines the day-to-day realities of our seeming never-ending national nightmare.

These brutal conditions are the true state of the union.  Alas, Biden put on his best possible impersonation of a “President” in last week’s address, which may have fooled the most dimwitted of the population, at least for the first ten, maybe twenty, minutes or so — until the drugs wore off.  At which point, sensing they were losing the narrative, regime apparatchiks – including the New York Times and CNN – kicked into high gear, incredulously declaring Biden’s speech – if the growling bloviations of a demented old man foaming at the mouth can be described as a speech – as “energetic and impassioned.”

Nonsense.  To the extent Biden’s bluster, light on substance and lighter still on real accomplishments, was significant at all: it was simply for being a portrait of a shameless liar, a sad geriatric desperately clinging ahold of power – the only thing he has going for him in life – having already lost half his mind, with the other half working in overdrive to spit out barely intelligible statements.  He fumbled on the name of Laken Riley, the all-American girl ruthlessly murdered by illegals who have trampled over our laws with impunity, calling her “Lincoln.”  He pretended like he ended COVID and brought peace to the Middle East, as China actively strengthens on the largesse of Washington’s reckless spending – while places like the Gaza Strip and Afghanistan bear witness to a revival of radical Islamic terrorism, a resurgence that threatens not just the long-term stability of those regions, but all of Europe.  If left unchecked, the terrorism which has erupted all throughout the Middle East, and has spilled over across Europe, will unwind all the peaceful cooperation that has largely defined the European continent in the eight decades since World War II, in one fell swoop.

Biden lied through his teeth about America’s economic recovery, acting as though the jobs he created were not the ones that his friends in the deep state had shut down with callous indignation during COVID, using the sorry excuse of “public safety” to virtually strip every constitutional right Americans had left.  The truth is that inflation remains at record-setting highs: growth may have slowed ever so slightly, but real wages have remained stagnant for years – meaning that Americans everywhere are spending considerably more for basic necessities, like food and utilities than they were paying under President Trump.

In bizarro world that is Biden’s America, where up is down and bad is good, brutally violent criminals, including dangerous gangs and cartels, flood city streets with the celebratory stamp of approval of the Regime.  Meanwhile, everyday Americans – and particularly those who exercise their fundamental constitutional rights, such as to speak dissident thoughts, worship the Christian God – and Jesus Christ, or bear their arms with pride, are systematically targeted by the Regime, gaslit as domestic terrorists by its propaganda mouthpieces, and kowtowed into social, economic, and even legal submission.  FBI agents arbitrarily terrorize innocent Americans, some in the middle of the night, much as the KGB did in Solzhenitsyn’s Soviet Union, who may have at some point questioned the integrity of our elections.  Parents who object to their children being indoctrinated with all sorts of toxic creeds at school are being persecuted by a Department of Justice which increasingly resembles Orwell’s Ministry of Truth: that arm of the government concerned with lying and torturing the population, in the name of justice, equality, and patriotism.  The fact that some of the greatest injustices are committed under the DOJ’s name, wherein the FBI, too, is lodged, is the ultimate example of doublethink.

Following the playbook Orwell laid out in 1984 and Stalin applied in real-time, Biden failed to mouth the name of President Donald John Trump, the frontrunner and true claimant of the office he now illegitimately occupies, throughout the address, calling Trump his “predecessor” – even though he was obviously front of mind for Biden, and every Democrat watching.  The reason, of course, continuing our Orwellian cadence, was to unperson President Trump, render him a triviality, a blip on the radar screen – so that Biden might downplay the ferocious size of the opposition movement – of which President Trump is, of course, standard-bearer.

All of which is to say: the state of the union under Biden is bad, really bad.

Our country has descended into a managed decline by deep state forces, defined by controlled chaos and a pervasive attack on fundamental constitutional and human rights.  The leading presidential candidate is being persecuted by the regime for nothing other than his politics – a politics which promotes greatness and prosperity, in sharp contrast to the enfeebled, pathetic display on television.  In Biden’s America, the message could not be any clearer: original thinkers, successful businessmen, and challengers of the status quo are not welcome.  High IQ and naturally gifted folk are not only forbidden from showcasing their talents, they are persecuted if they even try.

That is the moral of the litany of civil cases against Donald Trump in New York.  For years of doing successful business, Donald Trump’s thanks is to force liquidate his assets at the order of a jealously vengeful state – Biden’s henchmen stoke the racial grievances of Letitia James and Alvin Bragg, whose scant qualifications should never have them be in their positions in the first place.  And, being aware at some level of their inadequacies, they lash out with even greater hostility against those who are worthier and more deserving than them – the bogeyman for all of this, being, of course, the 45th President: the personification of the American Dream rendered perfectly – a man who achieved the highest of highs in both public and private life – his crime, perhaps being too successful for a Regime that would readily exchange merit for mediocrity in order to appease the incompetent and undeserving at the expense of the mighty and strong.

Corporate America, aided by the Biden regime’s radical, race-inciting politics, actively demonizes legacy Americans and white males, in particular, by instigating historical racial grievances – while also buying hook, line, and sinker his insane agenda on the climate.  This hodgepodge of destructive policies and ideologies, which the Regime’s most devout supporters treat like a religion, merely deepens the more acute fiscal and monetary woes already woven throughout America’s economic tapestry, a languid landscape withered by crushing debt, lingering inflation, and high taxes.

Woke policies like DEI and ESG – which are turbocharged versions of affirmative action and the Green New Deal – have been dogmatically internalized in HR departments which police corporate culture in every major law, accounting, and consulting firm, including overseeing investments and best hiring practices.  The result has been to neuter capitalism in America by selecting against the worthiest employees – not just in deep blue places like New York and California, though the effects may be most palpable there – but throughout the country writ large – and especially for brick-and-mortar businesses of the kind that originally catapulted Trump’s brand, which is basically forbidden under Biden’s Regime.

A failing economy; a world order teetering on the brink, an illegal migrant crisis of Biblical proportions; a population rendered spiritually and physically impotent by noxious drugs and anti-human ideologies.  A justice system that lets violent felons repeat their barbaric crimes with the State’s encouragement as law-abiding Americans, including the next President, are humiliated in the worst possible way – with crippling lawsuits, bogus indictments, and lawfare, all with the purpose of rendering them broke and permanent outcasts – untouchables in the new America.

The state of the union, as Harry Truman once famously put it, is not good.  That is a gross understatement: under Biden, America is arguably in the worst shape it has been in this country’s history.  America’s fate, more than any other election, including those turbulent Civil War years, depends on Donald Trump’s victory in this year’s presidential race, full stop.  Otherwise, it will not survive.

The fact that President Trump locked up the nomination, and did so this early, is promising.  It is a telltale that the body politic, despite all the gaslighting and brainwashing by the legacy media, can see beyond the propaganda – and has intuited on some level that Trump alone stands in the way of the Regime directly attacking them.  If America – and Western Civilization – is to survive, it will depend necessarily on President Trump’s success this November, and the durability of the MAGA movement, a generational movement that will long outlast its progenitor.  Europe’s destiny is just as much entwined with President Trump’s success as our own country; this is a reason why some of the wiser statesmen of that continent, such as Viktor Orbán, have spurned the Oval Office incumbent for a private meeting with the presidential frontrunner instead in recent weeks, knowing full well that Trump’s decisions, not Biden’s, will determine the fate of the world.

Solzhenitsyn also wrote in that same portentous work, “One man who stopped lying could bring down a tyranny.”  This quote parallels a theme from a much older axiom: The truth will set you free.  In a presidential contest that pits a candidate who represents truth against another who is lying incarnate – Solzhenitsyn’s prophecy is as apropos as ever, in ways arguably more befitting our situation than his own because the truthteller, the one man who could bring down a tyranny, literally is on the ballot.

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