Biden Administration Plans to Use Guantanamo Bay as Processing Center for Haitian Migrants

As Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince collapses into chaos, the Biden administration is preparing to use Guantanamo Bay as a processing center for Haitian migrants.

During a recent Senate Armed Services Committee, Army Gen. Laura Richardson shared that U.S. SOUTHCOM and the Pentagon have already prepared Guantanamo Bay for an influx of migrants from Haiti.

Gen Richardson stated, “Everything is refreshed — the equipment, everything is ready to go.”

Guantanamo Bay, which is close to 200 miles away from Haiti, already contains a migrant processing center that is separate from its terrorist holding center.

According to Stripes, the White House is in discussions to expand the processing center.

”The White House and other Senior Members of the Biden Administration are reportedly discussing the possibility of using the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Southeastern Cuba as a Refugee Processing Camp if a Mass Exodus occurs from Haiti towards the Mainland United States.”…

— NanLee Marie Carissimi (@NanLee1124) March 14, 2024

Per CNN:

The Biden administration is discussing using Guantanamo Bay to process Haitian migrants if there is a mass exodus to the US amid worsening conditions in the country, according to a US official.

For years, Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, which is located about 200 miles from Haiti, has had a migrant center to hold and process migrants before returning them to Haiti or a third country.

The center — which is separate from where terrorist suspects are held — has been used before. In 2010, for example, the US military prepared the site in anticipation of Haitians fleeing the earthquake-stricken country.

But discussions to expand capacity at the site mark the latest sign of growing concern within the administration about people fleeing Haiti in droves as gangs attack government structures and social order is on the brink of collapse.

Migrants from Haiti would likely attempt to reach Florida by sea in a journey that can be perilous, and the US is weighing plans to take those interdicted at sea and transport them to Guantanamo for processing and potential repatriation.

US naval base at Guantanamo Bay prepared for Haitians fleeing gang violence, SOUTHCOM general says

— Apex (@Apex_WW) March 14, 2024

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