Hamas Apologists: Taking Moral High Ground to Shield Terrorists


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Before October 7th of last year, if you were an anti-Semite, liberals called you a fascist. Now, if you are not an anti-Semite, liberals call you a fascist.

The pro-Palestine protestors have called for genocide against Jews and Israel, engaged in violence and threats, and torn down pictures of Israeli hostages. They justify their actions by taking the moral high ground, claiming that Israel killed civilians, children, bombed schools and hospitals, and prevented people from leaving Gaza or receiving aid. Now, the media, Greta Thunberg, Hollywood celebrities, and the usual suspects are claiming that Israel committed war crimes or even genocide. And the most outrageous accusation of all is that Israel is Hitler.

According to the pro-Hamas propaganda on Twitter, everyone in Gaza is a child and they have all been starved, killed, or maimed by Israel, intentionally. But this is false; half the population of Gaza is over the age of 20. The propagandists are targeting small children, not Israel.

The charges that Israel is killing civilians stem from the fact that Hamas is a terrorist organization. As such, they do not wear uniforms. Under the Geneva Convention, to be considered a non-combatant, they must meet three criteria: no uniform, no weapons, and no participation in combat. The Hamas terrorists wear civilian clothes, carry weapons, and engage in combat operations. When they are killed, their compatriots remove their weapons, take a video, and claim that an innocent, peaceful man was killed on the way to his kid’s soccer game.

Another important point is that the Geneva Convention only applies during a declared war, and it should apply to both sides. However, nearly all of the Israelis killed by Hamas on October 7th were civilians.

Charges that Israel is targeting children are misleading. A child, by definition, is under the age of eighteen. Hamas and other terrorist organizations in the Middle East regularly use fighters as young as fourteen, but they use boys under ten to throw rocks, start fires, and sometimes drop explosives. They also intentionally put these children in danger by harassing Israeli soldiers, hoping to spark an incident so they could claim that the Israel Defense Force (IDF) killed a child.

There were videos online of Israeli soldiers shooting tear gas at children peacefully playing with kites. However, on closer examination, they were right next to a fortification full of IDF soldiers, and the fathers were standing back, watching what happened. The kites are sometimes used for spying, arson, or to drop explosives. The fathers stood ready with cell phone video to capture the IDF’s response, post it online, and accuse Israel of atrocities.

If anyone is endangering children, it is Hamas and the fathers who use their children as pawns in this war.

The accusation that Israel bombed schools, hospitals, and other civilian structures again stems from the fact that Hamas does not have any military structures. They operate out of civilian structures, particularly favoring hospitals and schools because they know that the IDF is less likely to attack them. Or, the IDF was less likely to do so before Hamas killed 1,200 Israeli civilians.

The claims that Israel is preventing aid from getting into Gaza are also false. Israel is not allowing aid to come overland because Iran and wealthy Arab nations have been known to send weapons and ammunition hidden in aid packages. They even had Hamas terrorists posing as UN aid workers. Additionally, Hamas is the authority in Gaza, and all aid goes through them. Hamas taxes all imports, and they would decide how aid is distributed. Providing them aid would only further legitimize and empower Hamas. Now, the US is delivering aid via air and sea ports. It’s not ideal because Hamas will still get most of it, but at least if Americans oversee the packing, they know there are no weapons inside.

And finally, this brings us to Hitler, a name that has become synonymous with anything the left does not like. The term “worse than Hitler” has ironically been used against Israel, along with accusations of genocide. In reality, no human being has ever committed acts as evil as Hitler’s. There have been other genocides, but they were confined within the borders of a single country. Hitler exported genocide. He coerced, and/or forced, other countries to deport their Jews to him so he could exterminate them. He also closed borders and prevented Jews from leaving. This is not what is happening in Gaza.

Naturally, Israel has closed the border from Gaza to Israel to prevent a repeat of the October 7th attack. However, Israel is not preventing them from leaving through Egypt. However, Cairo has ordered the border closed. Egypt is preventing Palestinians from fleeing a deadly situation. Why is no one bringing sanctions against Egypt?

To conclude, the people responsible for the deaths of so many Gazans are Hamas. They committed the terrorist attack that ignited this crisis, failed to release the hostages, and failed to surrender to end it. They operated out of hospitals, hid weapons in aid shipments, had terrorists posing as aid workers, and neglected to provide for their own people’s well-being. Additionally, the fathers who endanger their children for propaganda purposes must be held accountable for their actions. Egypt is also to blame for not allowing the Palestinians to flee. And finally, Lebanon and all of the surrounding Arab nations who claim to be so concerned about this situation are refusing to accept refugees.

But no worries, Smokin’ Joe will let them stay in the U.S.

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