Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney Releases New Song “Days of Girlhood” (Video)

Not satisfied with destroying the reputation of one of the oldest beer companies in America, trans activist Dylan Mulvaney has now turned his bad marketing instincts to music.

Anheuser Busch laid off hundreds of workers and lost billions following the decision to use spastic and obnoxious trans activist as their spokesmodel.

On Wednesday, Mulvaney released a music video called “Days of Girlhood,” where the biological male has advice on how to be a girl.

The lyrics include glamorizing binge drinking, anonymous sex, popping pills and overspending, and painting women as vacuous.

Lyrics include:

Monday, can’t get out of bed.
Tuesday morning, pick up meds.
Wednesday, retail therapy, cash or credit, I say yes.
Thursday, had a walk of shame, didn’t even know his name.
Weekends are for kissing friends.
Friday night, all overspend.
Saturday we flirt for drinks,
Playing wingman to our twinks.
Sunday, the “Twilight” soundtrack,
Use my breakdown in the bath.


Dylan Mulvaney has a new “song” out and I have decided that waterboarding is no longer needed. Just play that sexist trash over and over again. It will break anyone.

— Dr. Abby Johnson (@AbbyJohnson) March 14, 2024

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