Not Just Measles, Diarrhea Outbreaks Reported Among Migrants Sheltered at Chicago O’Hare Airport and Police Stations (VIDEO)

Concerns over public health and safety have escalated as reports emerge from O’Hare International Airport, one of the Midwest’s largest travel hubs, which is currently functioning as a migrant shelter and facing a significant outbreak of diarrhea.

William Kelly, a Chicago reporter, recently joined Fox News and voiced alarming observations about the dual humanitarian crisis affecting both illegal immigrants and local residents.

Kelly’s sources at O’Hare report that the outbreak has raised fears that travelers may avoid the airport due to health concerns.

“It’s not only a humanitarian crisis for the migrants, but for the people of Chicago as well. My sources at O’Hare are telling me that there’s an outbreak of diarrhea. Who’s going to want to fly in and out of this airport under these circumstances?” said Kelly.

Kelly’s alarming accounts extend beyond O’Hare to the police stations in Chicago, which are also being utilized as migrant shelters.

“The police I talked to are saying it’s not just in the airport, but also at the police stations. There are 18 migrant shelters in Chicago currently, including Chicago police stations, which also are reporting an outbreak of diarrhea and overflowing toilets,” Kelly added.

“This is a health concern for the police officers who have to return to their families at the end of their shifts. And how are they supposed to arrest the violent criminals in Chicago, the epidemic of violent crime, when they’re babysitting migrants?”


BREAKING: In addition to the measles outbreak, a diarrhea outbreak is reported among illegals being housed in Chicago O’Hare airport and police stations.

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The health crisis is further complicated by the recent measles outbreak in the city. The Gateway Pundit had previously reported a surge of measles cases within a heavily populated migrant shelter in Chicago, housing over 1,800 individuals, including 95 children under the age of two.

Two children and two adults have been diagnosed with measles in the past few days. One child has recovered, the other is in the hospital in good condition. The two adults, diagnosed Monday, are reported in stable condition. A fifth unrelated case popped up elsewhere in Chicago last week.

A mass vaccination effort took place at the Pilsen migrant shelter over the weekend with about 900 migrants getting the MMR vaccine. Approximately 700 migrants were assessed as having already been vaccinated or exposed to measles and were not required to be quarantined. Some unvaccinated migrants reportedly broke quarantine and left the shelter, according to a statement by Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Olusimbo ‘Simbo’ Ige, MD, MPH:

“We have advised all unvaccinated and newly vaccinated residents of the quarantine period (21 days) but some of those residents have left the shelter, and I want to acknowledge that,” Dr. Ige said. “That is why we so strongly advise the unvaccinated to get the vaccine and to immediately quarantine if you have had contact with anyone with measles.”

CDC Sends Team to Battle Measles Outbreak at Crowded Chicago Migrant Shelter With Four New Cases in Past Few Days

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