Pope Francis Tries To Change Subject From ‘White Flag’ Ukrainian Controversy, Promotes New Book Saying He Won’t Resign Cause His Health Is ‘Good Enough’

Globalist Pope Francis is still licking his wounds from his latest communication misadventure, when he ‘dared’ stray away from the ‘approved’ and ‘politically correct’ narratives for a second, and defend peace in Ukraine.

The backlash was considerable, and Francis is trying to regain control over the news cycle by promoting a new book due to release in a few days.

And there’s plenty of controversy already going around, maybe even enough to ‘memory-hole’ the whole episode where the Pontiff suggested that ‘Ukraine should have the courage of the white flag’.

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In the upcoming book, Francis reveals that he has no intention of resigning, because he feels that his health is ‘good enough’ to allow him to carry on.

Excerpts of the book were published by Italy’s Corriere della Sera newspaper yesterday (14).

Reuters reported:

“‘This [resigning] is a distant hypothesis, because I don’t have reasons serious enough to make me think about giving up’, Francis was quoted as saying in ‘Life: My Story Through History’, a book due out in Italian and English on March 19.

Francis is 87 and has been increasingly frail in recent years, using a wheelchair or a cane to move around and recently suffering from what have been described as bouts of bronchitis or colds that have led him to limit his public speaking.”

In the book, Francis tries to reassure the faithful about his condition, that often sees him too weak for Church functions – always saving his strength for the glamorous political meetings and summits.

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“‘Thank the Lord, I enjoy good health and, God willing, there are many projects still to be realized’, he said, repeating that he would consider quitting only in case of a ‘serious physical impediment’.”

That’s the problem right there for Conservative Catholics: the Pope’s ‘many projects’.

Of course, the book will be a platform for Francis to defended his divisive new document allowing priests to bless same-sex couples.

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Catholic doctrine still only recognizes heterosexual marriages, so, for him, if some bishops do not want to perform same-sex blessings this will NOT lead to a schism.

His intention, after all, was not to change all the Church, but to weaponize his liberal wing of prelates to usher in the LGBT lunacy once and for all.

“Elsewhere in the book, he renewed his condemnation of abortion and surrogate parenting, and noted that his focus on the poor and marginalized does not make him a communist or a Marxist.”

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Does Globalist Pope Francis have enough controversies in the upcoming book to wash away all traces of his calling for peace in Ukraine and hurting Kiev’s feelings?

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