Vigilant Fox: Dr. Phil GOES OFF on the CDC: “You Damn Well Knew What You Were Doing When You Did It” (Video)

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“They knew that those schools were a lifeline to those kids … and they shut it down anyway,” lamented TV personality and psychologist Phil McGraw, commonly known as Dr. Phil, on Jordan Peterson’s podcast.

He said, “You [CDC and Department of Education] had information that these children were not as susceptible to this disease as everyone else was. You knew they were in a mental health crisis. You knew this was their lifeline, and you yanked it out from under them, and you damn well knew what you were doing when you did it.”

Dr. Phil contends that the mentioned government agencies knew that schools staying open were essential for protecting children from their abusers at home because teachers, bus drivers, coaches, etc., were key to identifying signs of child abuse.

“They shut all of that down,” the psychologist condemned. “And when they did, those [child abuse] referrals dropped 40% to 50% in some major markets. And these kids were sent home behind closed doors, locked up with the very abusers. It’s not that the abuse went down 40% or 50%. It probably went up because of the frustration of being locked up at home behind those doors. And they shut the schools down without any plan for bringing them back.”

“And so, you ask questions about it,” continued Dr. Phil, “and they say, ‘Well, we did the best we could with what we knew at the time.’ No, you DID NOT do the best you could with what you knew at the time.”

Dr. Phil’s anguish over school closures during COVID-19 is palpable as he reflects on the profound negative impact these decisions have had on children’s welfare and safety. He vehemently criticized the CDC and Department of Education for their actions, suggesting that these agencies had clear evidence that children were less at risk from COVID-19 but chose to ignore the data and allow children to suffer anyway.

An analysis by the Institute of Economic Affairs criticizes the lockdowns, suggesting that they were a costly failure — and that there was no need for them. The broader impacts of lockdowns, as outlined by the study, include not only economic and social costs but specific damages to children’s education and mental health, highlighting the need for a more balanced approach to managing public health crises​​.

The full interview with Dr. Phil is available to watch in the video below:

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