Writer Explains How Woke Education is Poisoning People Against Western Civilization (VIDEO)

Writer and satirist Konstantin Kisin recently explained in an interview how progressive indoctrination in education is turning people against civilization, specifically in the west.

Kisin uses examples in England that can also, easily be applied to the United States, suggesting that if you spend years teaching people to hate their own country, you shouldn’t be surprised if that’s what eventually happens.

The video is going viral and is worth your time to watch.

Real Clear Politics provides a partial transcript:

KONSTANTIN KISIN: You spent 60 years teaching your children to hate your own civilization. Why are you surprised that they hate your civilization? Sorry, but that’s what happened. By the way, it is not just hate. It is hard to teach people to hate, it is much easier to just lie to them about history.

In the UK, for example, in England, the Church of England just approved billions of pounds in reparations because we talk endlessly about slavery. The narrative on slavery seems to be, “There was no slavery, and then the British Empire came along and invented slavery, and then woke people came along and ended the British Empire.” When of course, we all know that slaves were probably the first good that human beings ever traded, it never had anything to do with race, it was just a fact of life that conquered people were subjugated by others and used as labor, and would be traded.

Native Americans kept slaves, as did everyone else throughout history. The British Empire practiced slavery just like everyone else. Because of their superior technology, they were able to move slaves across the ocean. And then the British ended slavery, not only within the borders of their own realm, but also spent a tremendous amount of blood and treasure to end the trans-Atlantic slave trade, which was much worse, lasted longer, had a higher death rate, the men were all catrated, the women were all enslaved — they forced that slave trade to end in a dramatic diplomatic and military and monetary cost.

And so, this idea that we must eternally apologize for sins of the past seems ridiculous to me. Does that mean we shouldn’t recognize that those things were bad? of course, learn from them. But it seems very odd…

Watch it all below:

“It’s hard to teach hate. It’s easier to lie about history.” – @KonstantinKisin dismantles the established narrative of slavery. pic.twitter.com/Sbi7c1a8La

— Konstantin Kisin (@KonstantinKisin) March 13, 2024

This is the kind of thinking that could bring about real and meaningful reform in education.

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