Megyn Kelly Slams ‘A**hole’ Don Lemon for Going After Elon Musk, Not Being Grateful for Opportunity (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly tore into Don Lemon on a recent episode of her podcast for going after Elon Musk, despite the fact that Musk was basically resurrecting his career.

We recently learned that Lemon had a crazy set of demands for Musk before he got dropped.

Kelly was joined by the members of the ‘Ruthless’ podcast.

Partial transcript via Real Clear Politics:

MEGYN KELLY: Don Lemon got fired again already. He’s fired before he really got hired. It’s very hard for him to keep a job, and we know why…Amazingly Elon Musk offered him a deal to post a new show on X. And Elon Musk is a risk taker so I guess he thought this would be a fun risk. Just as risky, I guess, as like putting spaceships into outer space because it really was just that risky, Elon. He probably just thought oh, he’s like a left wing commentator. I doubt Elon spent his time watching CNN primetime because literally only two people did. And so he decided to give him a deal…

I will give it to Bill O’Reilly. I saw a clip with him this morning saying, don’t interview your boss. That is the lesson that came out of this hot mess of exchange between Don and Elon… Don Lemon behaved like an a**hole who was not grateful to Elon Musk for resurrecting his career. And O’Reilly’s, right. It’s very hard for Don Lemon to both be a good journalist and be a good employee. The man’s paying your salary so you do owe him a level of respect and discretion.

And at the same time you want to show us in your first interview back how hard hitting you are and those two goals are not aligned. So I don’t blame Elon for being mad at the way he was treated…Even though of course, Don Lemon through spokesperson who is the same woman Jeff Zucker was having an affair with, Allison Gollust, is threatening to sue. All our old favorites are involved in this one, fellas!

Watch the video below:

Kelly is right about Lemon. He really shot himself in the foot on this.

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