Longtime Democrat Consultant Plans to Die on Thursday By Assisted Suicide

Longtime Democrat consultant Hal Malchow will end his life through euthanasia in Switzerland on Thursday.

Euthanasia or assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland, along with several states in the United States, which includes New Mexico, California, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey, Hawaii, Washington, and Washington D.C.

Malchow, who was the mastermind behind Al Gore’s successful Senate campaign, has opted for assisted suicide after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2019.

The veteran consultant opted to die in Switzerland because current laws in the United States only allow euthanasia if a patient only has months to live, and that is not the case for Malchow’s current health conditions.

Malchow’s assisted suicide process will start by arriving in Zurich, Switzerland, with his family, where he will have two days to go sightseeing and participate in other activities in Zurich before being administered a fatal dose by a Dignitas nurse.

One of America’s most accomplished political consultants, Hal Malchow, will die on Thursday.

He has one last urgent message for Democrats.https://t.co/KHS9qGfWXe

— POLITICO (@politico) March 16, 2024

Per Politico:

On Thursday, March 21, one of the Democratic party’s most accomplished campaign consultants will die.

In a sense, Hal Malchow has been planning for this day ever since 1987, when a genetic marker test revealed he was likely to develop Alzheimer’s. At the time, he was barely 35 years old, a hustling political operative who had recently come off managing Al Gore’s first Senate campaign while overcome with worry about his mother’s early descent into dementia. (Around her 50th birthday, she was discovered wandering lost in a parking lot in the Mississippi town where she had lived her whole life.) After his mother’s untimely death, in 1990, Malchow was intent on never letting himself endure the same thing. If he showed symptoms for Alzheimer’s, Malchow resolved at the time, he would take his life before he became too diminished — and became a burden to those around him.

On two separate days, Malchow has appointments with a local psychiatrist, consultations necessary before a lethal prescription can be written. Then on the morning of March 21, Hal and Anne will go to an apartment secured by Dignitas where he will be greeted by the nurse who will administer the fatal dose. (After reading that the medication is very bitter, Malchow picked out the Frango mint chocolates that will accompany it and is currently contemplating whether to pair the candy with champagne or cognac.)

Between the medical appointments, there are two empty days on the calendar available for sightseeing, hearty food and drink — and trying to convince the world that campaigns need not be stuck in the past.

Switzerland is not the only European country infamous for euthanasia.

The Netherlands also allows the practice.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported Former Dutch prime minister Dries van Agt and his wife, Eugenie, both 93, died in a double euthanasia in the Netherlands.


Former Dutch Prime Minister and Wife Die in Double Euthanasia

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