While Macron Warmongers, France Is Still a Chaos, as 50 People Attack Police Station in Olympic Venue Area of Paris

A police station was attacked by a mob… no, it’s not a story that takes place in Haiti – it’s France, the supposedly developed country that will hold the Summer Olympics in a few months and where society is still chaotic.

While ‘Le petit Roi’ Emmanuel Macron, the ‘grandmaster of grandstanding,’ is going around flexing his mostly imaginary military muscles for the world to see, the situation in French society continues to deteriorate.

Now it arises that nine people have been arrested over a (mostly) firework attack on a police station near Paris.

Videos posted on the web show groups of people firing a barrage of fireworks at the building’s facade.

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Le Monde reported:

“‘Around 50 people attacked the police station in La Courneuve, mostly with firework mortar shots’ late Sunday, Paris police chief Laurent Nuñez told broadcaster TF1. La Courneuve lies in Paris’s northern suburbs, in the Seine-Saint-Denis department that hosts Olympic venues including the flagship Stade de France stadium.

The Sunday evening attack in the northern suburb of La Courneuve came four days after a teenager riding a moped was killed in a car chase with police. ‘We can tie this attack to the death” of the 18-year-old killed on Wednesday, named only as Wanys R., Nuñez said. “The young people clearly came from the neighborhood’ where Wanys lived, he added.”

Riot police scrambled to respond with (mostly) non-lethal sting-ball grenades and flash-ball projectiles in a confrontation that lasted half an hour.

“Nuñez said the arrested suspects included seven adults aged 18-21 and two minors. Two police officers were ‘slightly hurt’, he added. Nuñez said police reinforcements would be deployed in the area around midday on Monday.”

Wanys R. was chased by police Wednesday after refusing to stop for a check. His scooter was struck by a police car, killing him and injuring his passenger.

The lawyer representing the teen’s family accused the police of hitting him on purpose, while the officers’ representative insisted it was an accident.

While Macron warmongers around the planet, France is a hot mess.

Reuters reported:

“Paris authorities on Monday strengthened the police presence in the northern suburb of La Courneuve near the Paris 2024 Olympics Village following an attack on a police station late on Sunday.

[…] Asked about the danger of riots in northern Paris suburbs during the Olympics, Nunez said there was little risk of that.

‘Police have a strong presence there today and that will be even more the case during the Olympics, when we will have a massive presence everywhere in the Paris region, and I have no fear on that level’, Nunez told reporters.

[…] Security is of paramount importance for French authorities with the Paris Olympics due to start on July 26.”

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