‘RADICALIZED BY THE RIGHT’: CNN Freaks Over ‘Enormously Influential’ Elon Musk, Fears His ‘Corrosive Venom’ Will Destroy Liberal Media

CNN is finding itself unable to hide its fear and disgust at Elon Musk’s recent red-pilling.

In an analysis by CNN’s media reporter and anti-conservative attack dog Oliver Darcy, the writer neatly summarized Musk’s recent comments surrounding everything from the invasion at the southern border to big tech censorship:

Elon Musk is showing the world how radicalized he has become.The billionaire, one of the most consequential figures to walk the Earth, spent another weekend swimming in the right-wing fever swamps of X — a bad habit that was apparent when his interview with Don Lemon was released Monday morning. In the contentious interview, Musk equated moderating dangerous and appalling hate speech to “censorship,” bashed the press for legitimate reporting, assailed DEI programs without supporting evidence, skewered advertisers who fled the X platform last year and yet again gave credence to the racist Great Replacement theory, among other things.

Musk’s comments on the premiere episode of Lemon’s new online show added to an unhinged 72-hour posting spree on X, in which the erratic businessman raged against the “woke mind virus” and said its “goal” is “the destruction of America,” agreed with a user who wrote “Fake News is the Enemy of the People,” said the press is “basically the [Joe] Biden cheering squad,” accused the news media of “lying” about Donald Trump’s “blood bath” comments, called NPR a “nice version of Pravda,” alleged Google “manipulate[s] their search results with left wing bias,” said the January 6 insurrection was “not a ‘bloodbath’ by any definition,” and argued that if there is not a “red wave” in November, “America is doomed.”

Darcy, who led the successful campaign to get hundreds of conservative accounts banned from Twitter before Musk took the platform over, went on to bemoan Musk’s incredible influence:

At this juncture, calling Musk a right-wing shitposter is no longer provocative. It’s simply accurate. And his ugly behavior is even more troubling because of the fact that Musk is enormously influential, casting a large shadow across multiple industries and doing billions of dollars’ worth of national security business with the US government.



In his ownership of X alone, Musk controls one of the world’s most important communications platforms, spitting corrosive venom into the public discourse at a faster speed than his SpaceX rockets hurtle into orbit.

The analysis concludes by offering readers no hope that anything will stop Musk spreading his worldview far and wide:

In effect, Musk has become self-radicalized on the very website that he was forced to purchase for $44 billion, sliding deeper into the darkest and most unsavory corners of the platform that has served to only reinforce his own worldview with an echo chamber of conspiracy theorists and ego-stoking sycophants that regularly fawn at his every move no matter how outrageous or preposterously false.

All of it dished up by an algorithm designed to regurgitate it right back to him. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, Musk is hell bent on taking everyone else down there with him.

Thankfully, it appears that Darcy has finally found a man he cannot try and cancel. Musk, meanwhile continues to spread truth to power. On Tuesday morning, he shared a video breaking down how the Democratic Party are using the invasion of the southern boarder to cement their permanent one-party rule.

This is actually happening!

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 19, 2024

Read more about it here.


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