JUST IN: Teens Shoot 3 Memphis Cops—One Officer Murdered –Two Hospitalized…One of The Teen Thugs Involved In Shooting Was Released WITHOUT BOND Last Month For Serious Crimes [VIDEO]

Memphis Police officers responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle this morning at around 2 AM. Two teenage boys were found at the scene of the alleged crime and became engaged in a shootout with the police officers. One of the teens, 18-year-old Yaylen Loble, was recently caught inside a stolen vehicle by police officers with an illegally modified firearm that could be used as a machine gun. He was arrested and released without bond in March.

The teen thugs murdered one Memphis Police Officer, while two more officers have been hospitalized.

Deceased Memphis Police Officer Joseph McKinney (bottom left) 18-yr-old thug Jaylen Loble (bottom right)

In a public statement only moments ago, Interim Memphis Police Chief C.J. Davis identified the Memphis Police Officer as Joseph McKinney. According to Interim Chief Davis, Officer McKinney joined the department in 2020.

“At approximately 2 AM, officers responded to a suspicious vehicle call at Horn Lake Road and Charter Avenue. When officers approached the vehicle, they were fired upon by the occupants inside. Officers then returned fire. At that time, the suspect took off, and MPD officers pursued the vehicle for a short distance. Where the vehicle stopped in the area of the 400 block of Hewlett Road. The two suspects were apprehended at that time. The Suspect was taken into custody immediately. One scene was located nearby. A total of three officers were struck by gunfire. Tragically, one of our officers lost his life. That officer is Joseph McKinney. He was assigned to the station ship. The officer was brought here to Regional One, but thankfully, he has been upgraded to non-critical condition, and he’s doing well. The Officer was treated on the scene and is in stable condition.”

“One suspect was 18 years old, and the other suspect is 17 years old. Both suspects were transported to Regional One in critical condition. Both of them sustained gunfire as well. One suspect has been pronounced deceased. The 18-year-old suspect was arrested in March 2024 by MPD in a stolen vehicle with an illegally modified semi-automatic weapon with a Glock switch attached. The Glock switch converted the weapon to a fully automatic machine gun. He was also charged that time for a stolen vehicle and having a programming device commonly used to steal cars. The suspect was released at that time without bond.”

Jaylen Loble, the 18-year-old suspect, is dead; the second suspect, a 17-year-old male, has been apprehended and remains in the hospital.

BREAKING: A Memphis police officer,
Joseph McKinney was killed and two officers injured during a shootout early morning after they responded to call about a suspicious vehicle.

Jaylen Loble, a 18 year-old suspect dead, second 17 year-old apprehended, remains in the hospital.… pic.twitter.com/6TqHsoy4PW

— I Meme Therefore I Am (@ImMeme0) April 12, 2024

The dirty little secret the Left doesn’t want you to know is that if the 18-year-old boy was in jail, serving time for his previous crime, he would likely still be alive today. He paid no price for his last crime, which likely led him to believe he was invincible or, at the very least, untouchable. Democrats are playing a dangerous game with their no-bail-for-criminals policies. Recruitment for police officers is at an all-time low in many states, and the support by Democrats for those who are brave enough to wake up every day and risk their lives to protect total strangers is negligible.

We’ll wait for the mainstream media to sugar-coat this story and make it all about how the shooters were actually good boys and how they somehow became victims…

Graduation pics of the “unjustly accused teen” incoming from the MSM shortly. https://t.co/cXSvteiAe2

— mark (@rhapsodyboard) April 12, 2024

Please pray for the family of Officer McKinney and for the other officers who have been hospitalized.

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