DA Bragg’s Attorneys Make Fatal Error When Revealing Underlying Crime in ‘Hush Money’ Case – Trump Attorneys Must Move to Dismiss Now

By Joe Hoft:

The attorneys representing the corrupt DA in New York, Alvin Bragg, in their case against President Trump, have made a serious error in their case. President Trump’s attorneys must move to dismiss.

DA Bragg’s case is in serious trouble. The gang behind the prosecution of President Trump made a serious error that should lead President Trump’s team to move to dismiss.

Prosecutors in New York have revealed what the other crime is that Donald Trump was allegedly trying to conceal when he was falsifying business records and they claim it was to unlawfully promote his candidacy. The fatal error is that the NY Statute they cite only applies to elections within the State of New York and not Federal Elections!

Trump was running for the federal office of President of the United States and not a State Office and therefore the premise of what the prosecution is trying to prove as the second crime used to get around the statute of limitations issue and to elevate this business records case to a felony must fail!

Prosecutors also cannot use a federal law as the second crime and additionally, the FEC, Federal Election Commission, declined on two occasions to prosecute the claim against Trump that the alleged hush money payment was in fact a federal violation.

In this case, Bragg and Colangelo, in an exercise of their legal analysis of the law maintain that Trump, Cohen, and Pecker conspired to get Trump elected to President of the United States. This is the basis for the elevation of charges.

This is enough to end the case but that’s not all.

The case refers to accounting entries “made” by President Trump (which is lunacy) or entries President Trump forced others to make. But these entries were made in 2017. So how could President Trump possibly impact the 2016 election with accounting entries that were made (clearly not by the President but by some entry-level accountant in his multi-billion dollar organization) in 2017?

On top of that, even far-left radical liberals are shaking their heads at this case and the evidence used to “get Trump”.

Trump, who faces 34 counts of falsifying business records in connection to payments made to porn actress Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election, was discussed on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” where legal analyst Lisa Rubin presented a skeptical view of the prosecution’s case.

“The big takeaway is that this is a crime about falsification of business records, and yet, what the government seems to have the most evidence of is the underlying conspiracy,” Rubin explained on the show. She highlighted a lack of direct evidence linking Trump to the specific crimes charged: “What’s still unknown to me is how they’re going to prove Donald Trump’s own involvement in the falsification of the business records.”

President Trump handed over his companies to his sons before his inauguration in January 2017. The accounting entries in question were made after the handover occurred.

President Trump didn’t make any entries because no CEO of any multi-billion dollar company makes entries to the financials.

The accounting discussion in this case doesn’t make sense to anyone who’s ever worked in a large financial reporting operation.

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