‘The Lion Is Back, Surfing on Socialist Tears’: Online and in the Streets of Spain, Support for Argentina’s Milei Is Growing, After Criticism of Corruption by PM Sanchez’s Wife (VIDEOS)

Argentine President Javier Milei is on a roll: inflation is shrinking, the Peso is the best performing currency in the world. As he said: ‘We went from discussing the possibility of hyperinflation in December to talking about mortgage loans.’

And now, he is taking his fight against communism to Europe, to their old colonial power, Spain.

Watch: Triumphant entry of Milei in Vox’s rally in Madrid.

Triumphant entry of Milei in Vox’s rally in Madrid. pic.twitter.com/FWxztRKp6p

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) May 21, 2024

Milei is back in Argentina after his triumphant participation in the Vox rally in Madrid, in which he called the wife of the Spanish Prime Minister ‘corrupt’:


Milei gave a fiery speech against communism and socialism that reverberated in Conservative circles around the world:

“Socialism hides the worst of human nature, which is envy, hatred, resentment, and, if necessary, murder. Never forget that the damned socialists murdered 150 million human beings.”

Milei also encouraged the ‘cultural battle’: “Let’s go back to defending the values that made the West great: life, liberty, and property,” he urged.

But it was the criticism of the corruption inside the Prime Minister’s family that is causing controversy.

Milei accused Begoña Gómez, the wife of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, of being “corrupt” during an event organized by the Vox party

“What a bunch of people who got into power. Even when he has a corrupt wife, he gets dirty and takes five days to think about it.”

The  Spanish government reacted by summoned its ambassador in Buenos Aires for consultations. Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares demanded a ‘public apology’ from the Argentine leader for words he considers ‘extremely serious’.

“It is unacceptable that a sitting president, while visiting Spain, insults Spain and the Prime Minister. It is a direct attack on our democracy and our institutions.”

Pepa Millán, spokeswoman for VOX party, defended Javier Milei against Pedro Sánchez:

“What did they expect him to do after Sánchez called him a drug addict and fascist? Milei was restrained; he was very polite. Sánchez should watch his wife.”

And just like that, #PedroVigilaATuEsposa began trending on X to the despair of the Spanish socialist apparatus.

It’s true: Spanish authorities have called Milei a ‘drug addict’, ‘fascist’, ‘denialist’, ‘authoritarian’ and ‘delirious’, in addition to accusing him of ‘attacking democracy’.

Leader of the VOX Party, Santiago Abascal, also criticized Pedro Sánchez after the Spanish government recalled the Spanish Ambassador in Argentina.

“What the hell does the president’s wife have to do with the sovereignty and dignity of Spain? What kind of joke is [Foreign Minister] Albares calling the parliamentary groups?

[…] Diplomatic conflicts open when the sovereignty of the Nation is attacked, not when the alleged corruption of the president’s wife, and therefore the president, is mentioned.

And even less so when your ministers had previously called the same Javier Milei a drug addict whom they now want to muzzle.

Go ahead Pedro Sánchez, take another five days of vacation to whine but don’t make pathetic diplomatic antics.

Long live Spain! Down with Sánchez, his political corruption, his lies and his betrayal!”

Watch: After Javier Milei criticized corruption cases involving the wife of the Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, protesters gathered and chanted: “Pedro Sánchez, son of a b*tch!”

Madrid – Spanish citizens had a message to the PM: ‘Pedro Sanchez, son of a b*tch!’ pic.twitter.com/b5BmPWhcJG

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) May 21, 2024

Galicia – citizens have something to say about PM Sanchez. pic.twitter.com/sdu18NvwAD

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) May 21, 2024

Meanwhile, PM Pedro Sanchez had a meltdown after multiple users on X trended the hashtag #PedroVigilaATuEsposa.

“I have already asked over and over again to leave my precious wife alone and now they are making a trend

This is not going to remain like this in any way and the Ministry of Equality and the Ministry of Women are already making the corresponding complaints.”

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