Boston’s Logan Airport Overwhelmed as Migrant Crisis Escalates

Boston’s Logan International Airport has become a temporary refuge for hundreds of migrant families, highlighting the ongoing strain on Massachusetts’ shelter system. With state-run shelters at capacity, Logan Airport’s Terminal E has seen an influx of migrants sleeping on its floors, prompting urgent calls for federal assistance.

Governor Maura Healey addressed the situation following reports of altercations among the migrants, emphasizing the need for Congressional action to alleviate the overcrowding. “We are focused on calling on Congress to act,” Healey stated, after confirming that state police had to intervene during a recent dispute between two migrant families over access to a power outlet.

NEW: Boston’s Logan Airport is sheltering over 100 illegals, with more arriving ‘at all hours’

There’s been a rise in illegals at Boston Logan Airport, with people seen gathered at baggage claim, surrounded by suitcases, and using sparse blankets as makeshift mattresses


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In response to the crisis, the Healey administration has initiated plans to relocate these families to the Melnea Cass Recreation Complex in Roxbury. This facility will serve as a temporary “safety-net” site, providing essential services such as meals, healthcare, and legal assistance. However, this move has faced opposition from local officials and residents who are concerned about the impact on the Roxbury community.

The Melnea Cass Complex, set to accommodate up to 400 families, will be staffed around the clock to ensure safety and support for the migrants. The facility is scheduled to remain closed to the public until late June, as state officials work to manage the influx and provide adequate resources.

Boston Logan Airport migrants.

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Massachusetts’ status as a right-to-shelter state has led to a significant increase in migrant arrivals, overwhelming the system. The state’s shelter capacity was capped at 7,500, and additional facilities are urgently needed as more families arrive. Governor Healey has repeatedly called for federal intervention to address the escalating crisis.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu has expressed frustration over the current handling of the situation, noting that communities like Roxbury have already faced decades of systemic inequities. Wu emphasized the need for a more sustainable and equitable solution to the shelter crisis.

The migrant situation at Logan Airport has drawn widespread attention, with local media capturing images of families sleeping in terminal areas. This makeshift shelter arrangement underscores the urgent need for comprehensive immigration and housing policies to prevent further crises.

As the state works to address the immediate needs of these families, the broader debate over immigration and federal responsibility continues. The situation at Logan Airport serves as a stark reminder of the human impact of policy decisions and the pressing need for coordinated efforts to support vulnerable populations.

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